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Toxic Life and Engineered Death – Symposium Videos

Malus ecclesia.Joe Davis

Image: Malus ecclesia by Joe Davis

Did you miss the “Toxic Life and Engineered Death” symposium Video Pool convened in conjunction with the Toxicity exhibition? Not to worry! All the talks from the day long event are now online! The keynote speakers were: Steve Kurtz, Joe Davis and Natalie Jeremijenko. Additional talks were given by Jennifer Willet, Andrew E. Pelling, Niki Sperou, Ted Heibert and Melentie Pandilovski.

Go to the list of videos or watch on our Vimeo page.



30 Years of Video Pool eBook

launchwebsite 2013 marks Video Pool’s 30th anniversary. In celebration, Video Pool commissioned four curated screenings of work in our archives. The curators, Daniel Barrow, Tom Kohut, Alex Poruchnyk, and Jenny Western, all focused on different aspects of the collection. The e-book 30 Years of Video Pool contains essays by the curators about their selections. The papers touch upon different stages of Video Pool’s history and subsequently speak to the incredible variety of works produced by artists at Video Pool over the last 30 years.

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