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look beyond-cropped New in our online store!
Look Beyond is a compilation of video works by Lansing Bruce Robertson.

Featuring 8 of Robertson’s amazing animated shorts plus Bonus Material!

Available on DVD or Blu-Ray.

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Watch Risa Horowitz’s Artist Talk

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 10.37.25 AMRisa Horowitz spent the month of May as an artist in residence at Video Pool. At the end of her residency she delivered an artist talk about her ongoing 29 year project Imaging Saturn.

Watch it here!



Exciting Distribution Announcement!

Video Pool is excited to share the Canada Council for the Arts’ announcement of a 1.5 million dollar investment into a new digital distribution platform. We are thrilled to be part of this amazing group of distributors who have been working so hard to get the platform off the ground to benefit Video Pool Members and the Media Arts Community at large! Read the press release.

Toxic Life and Engineered Death – Symposium Videos

Malus ecclesia.Joe Davis

Image: Malus ecclesia by Joe Davis

Did you miss the “Toxic Life and Engineered Death” symposium Video Pool convened in conjunction with the Toxicity exhibition? Not to worry! All the talks from the day long event are now online! The keynote speakers were: Steve Kurtz, Joe Davis and Natalie Jeremijenko. Additional talks were given by Jennifer Willet, Andrew E. Pelling, Niki Sperou, Ted Heibert and Melentie Pandilovski. Go to the list of videos