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Gettin’ Riggy with Ryan Klatt

In this two day workshop you will learn techniques to create quality cinematography on a shoestring budget. You will even build your own DIY camera rig tailored to suit your filmmaking needs (supplies are included!). We will focus on lensing, camera body, image style, sound, frame rates, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, SD cards, codecs, sensors, file management and editing software. We will hone in on camera movement and image stabilization with DIY RIGS!  We will look at a hand-built jib crane, fig rig, aerial kite rig, zip-line rig, stedicam, slider, table-top dolly and more! You will learn how to make your own rig steeped in street cred’ and add it to your filmmaking toolkit!

Please note that participants in this workshop are expected to provide their own DSLR camera. Those attending must register and pay in advance either in person at Video Pool or via telephone: 204-949- 9134 ext.1.


  • Date: Feb. 7 & 8
  • Time: 1:00 pm
  • Cost: Members $175 / Non-Members $200 (includes DIY Rig Supplies: A Bargain!)
  • Location: Video Pool Media Art Centre (300 – 100 Arthur St.)





Notice of Fee Changes

As of February 1, 2015 Video Pool membership fees will be increasing to the following rates:
General – $30
User – $60
Student – $30
Organization – $70
Producer – $60
Joint WFG – $40
Annual Access Fee – $600

For more information on memberships click here. 

We are also making changes to our editing suite & facility rental rates.  For updated rates click here.

Artist Talk: Cyborg Plants with Michael Lucenkiw

cbrgpntweb“In the age of the internet of things, a wide spread sensory enhanced landscape is a highly plausible occurrence. How can a designer interact with technology to create place in this new environment? What will this environment be like? What does this mean for plant life? To tackle these questions, a cyborg plant was created that integrates with sensors and is capable of detecting several environmental conditions as well as the bio-electrical inside the plant. Part performance, part experiment, this cyborg plant became a tool used to help understand the potential benefits of a sensory enhanced landscape as well as the potential negative consequences. This cyborg plant is also a living thing, and leaves many ethical questions to be answered. Learn how the cyborg plant was created, what technology is used to operate it and the artists and projects that inspired it.”

Date: Saturday, January 31st.
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Video Pool Media Arts Centre Studio : 300 – 100 Arthur St. (Artspace Building)
Cost: Free!

Still from Aaron Zegher's 'Conspiracy'

Still from Aaron Zegher’s ‘Conspiracy’

Call for Submissions – Video Pool Member Screening

If you are interested in taking part in Video Pool Media Arts Centre’s 2015 Member Screening on February 12, 2015, please email Jen at vpdist@videopool.org
Deadline for submission is February 1st. Please title your email: Member Screening
We are accepting submissions 7 minutes and under, and each artist can submit one work. You must be a current member of Video Pool.
We are accepting digital files in an Apple ProRes 422 or h.264 codec as the screening format.  If you have any questions about codecs our technical department would be more than happy to help you out.
We are also accepting audio work in an mp3 format.
There are no artist fees being paid for this screening, as it is a screening to share your work with our community.
Looking forward to seeing your work!

The Member Screening will take place Thursday, February 12 at 7pm in the Video Pool Studio (Unit 300, 100 Arthur St.).  It is a free event and all are welcome!

Watch talks by – Caroline Monnet & Heath Bunting

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