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Praba Pilar delivers her paper at Catastrophe, Cataclysm and the Singular Accident

Praba Pilar delivers her paper at Catastrophe, Cataclysm and the Singular Accident

Age of Catastrophe Talks Now Online

All of the talks from Video Pool’s Catastrophe, Cataclysm and the Singular Accident symposium that was held in conjunction with our Age of Catastrophe exhibition in November 2015 are now available here for you to watch anytime.  We also have supplementary interviews with Nina Czegledy, Michelle Teran, David Rokeby and Paul Thomas.


booklaunchMarshall McLuhan + Vilem Flusser’s Communications + Aesthetic Theories Revisited – Now Available Buy in person or online!

This first full length publication from Video Pool includes discussions on McLuhan and Flusser’s influence on media and communication theory as it applies to contemporary and new media art, film, philosophy and politics. The book will be of immediate interest to readers and researchers interested in: distributed consciousness and telematics; cinema and causality; collective evolution; media and theology; digital culture; Occupy Wall Street and other political movements; cybernetics; contemporary technological art; the ideologies of clinical practice; asemic writing; institutional critique and many other topics.

The Work of Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan - DVD

The work of Shawna Demspey & Lorri Millan – DVD

Available now from Video Pool!
Purchase right here online or in person

Offering utopic feminist visions and poignant popular culture remixes, the work of Lorri Millan and Shawna Dempsey is a call to action. This collection offers a selection Millan and Dempsey’s films—new historical accounts, social interventions, and cultural visions—that span their 25 year collaboration and engagement with Winnipeg’s tradition of independent cinema.

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