An Evening of Wanderings



Video Pool Media Arts Centre will be hosting a fun filled evening at aceartinc. November 26th, 2014

Come around 6:30pm for snacks, drinks and mingling.

7:00pm Artlink Magazine Launch

Video Pool Director Dr. Melentie Pandilovski and Dr. Praba Pilar will launch the most recent issue of the Australian magazine Artlink. This issue features articles about Video Pool’s Toxicity exhibit held in December 2013/January 2014.

7:15pm Artist Talk with Helga Jakobson

With work that often incorporates detritus from her immediate environment, whether components of the natural landscape or relics from her great grandparents’ homestead, Helga Jakobson’s practice is a responsive and reflective attempt to quantify experience.

Exploring and wandering throughout rural landscapes inspires work which tends to revolve around themes of philosophy, mortality, and the human experience. Her interests are in craft aesthetic and the hand-made, and she often finds herself considering metaphysics, pseudoscience, and the role of the creative producer as responder, explorer and critical engager of the current cultural climates within which they exist.

As a natural extension of her explorations into the human experience and philosophy her practice has moved into the realm of Bio Art. Her practice is now shifting to include participant interaction, performance, natural healing treatments, scientific research, and dissemination of research.

Helga’s artist talk will enlighten us on her practice and what she sees the future holding for her.

Helga and Melentie will be launching Video Pool’s new BioArt Chapter during this discussion.

8:00pm Canadian Premiere of Architecture of and Atom (62mins) and Winnipeg and the Infinite Whistle (short) directed by Juliacks

Throughout the non-linear narrative, we grow to love a group of grieving weirdos who meet at a swim class for immigrants. Following the wild and misinformed imagination of one member of the group, they all fall into a splintering fantasy world as they go on an adventure in the French Alps. There the group moves into and gets lost in an abandoned pool. In their creative escape from a dubious impending war around them, they find a syncretic object, an anthropomorphic ‘infinite’ whistle. They use the ‘infinite’ whistle to move into death worlds (parallel places of reconstructed repeating sonic memories of the group.) But the ‘infinite’ whistle also uses them. They grieve. One cannot venture into death worlds if there are no dead.

Architecture of an Atom is a transmedia art narrative written, directed and executive produced by JULIACKS in co-production with a number of North American and European art organizations including the Moderna museum, Néon, LA BOX, Atomic Center, Florian of the GrrrndZero collective, 360m3, ALT_CPH, the Crack and Helsinki comics festivals, and film producers Nattlek, Killer & SBKFilmaking, and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom as well as many individuals, bands and communities without whom this film would not be possible.

JULIACKS is a transmedia artist, director, writer, producer, performer and event designer creating narrative universes using the mediums of filmmaking, multi-media performance installations, comics and theater in North America and Europe.

All revolving and connected by a unifying narrative, JULIACKS’ stories touch upon social-cultural issues such as the denial of death, the relativity of insanity, the plight of the immigrant, the ill and the elderly, and the construction of both conflict and memory. The audience interacts with the work on several levels—literal, symbolic, visual, aural—sometimes simultaneously, at times sequentially, referencing not only the contemporary context but also artistic predecessors and archetypal elements.

One half of the nucleus of the narrative universe, the medium length narrative fiction film, was shot in August 2013 in Lyon, France and the French Alps and in Dec 2012 in Winnipeg, Canada with clips from Sweden/Denmark/Italy/USA. Using video, 16 mm film, 8mm, & cell phone footage.

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