Contre Bande

2001, Video, 17:00 (Colour, Stereo) [clip]

by Sharon Alward

Contre Bande is about the power of sexual play/pleasure and the attempt to filter these images through strict cultural hierarchies. In much of the work I do sexuality becomes an oscillation - a diabolical double sex that breaks with all oppositions and hierarchies. In the performance/ video installation Contre Bande, each sex binds one to the other, speaking the language of the other; binding and counter-binding. Genet, a novelist and an admitted homosexual cites Tiresias: ( who was noted for his bisexuality and his time spent as a woman as a punishment by the Gods for seeing snakes coupling)- "seven years in men's clothing, seven in women's. Because of his dual nature his femininity hounded his virility, both in play in such a way that he never had any rest, that is to say a fixed point on which to settle."

ISBN 978-1-55467-314-8

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