Miracle, A

2003, Video, 2:52 (Colour, Stereo) [clip]

by Daniel Barrow

Since 1993, Daniel Barrow has used an overhead projector to relay ideas and short narratives. Specifically, he creates and adapts comic book narratives to a "manual" form of animation by projecting, layering and manipulating drawings on mylar transparencies. "A Miracle" is a music video created for Toronto-based "gay church folk" musicians, The Hidden Cameras, which documents Barrow's performance methods. The story of the video features a young boy lying in bed, using the light of the moon to make shadow puppets on his bedroom walls. While experimenting with forms, he summons the spirit of a huge fruity, bird-like creature with the silhouette of an owl, and the feathers of an ostrich. The creature shares a brief, sensual exchange with the boy before swallowing him whole and then, regurgitating, twisting and compressing him into a gizzard-shaped ball.

ISBN 978-1-55467-444-2

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