VUCAVU launches #EyesOnVU


Streaming the best in Canadian film and video, VUCAVU is a new online platform featuring over 1000 titles, including over 150 titles from the Video Pool Media Arts Centre’s catalogue, with more being added every week. On Wednesday, February 15 VUCAVU launched its #EyesOnVU campaign which features themed programs guest-curated by a diverse group of Canadian artists and curators.

The #EyesOnVU/#EntreVU themed programs will be launched every second Wednesday until September. The programs are FREE to stream and include interviews with the curator.

VUCAVU is a bilingual video-on-demand service for the general public and a great resource for educators, researchers and curators. With works being added daily it is becoming a much sought-after sight for artists to feature their work and for programmers and educators to find works to screen.

As part of the #EyesonVU program Poisoning the Patriarchy with the “Female Gaze” curated by Leah Fay Goldstein of the band July Talk, you can watch Other Half Dating Service by Alex Ateah from the Video Pool Catalogue!


Body Talk curated by Eva Michon with Brief Encounters and Sustained Engagement by Freya Björg Olafson from the Video Pool Catalogue.

ateah-Other Half Dating Service olafson-Brief Encounters & Sustained EngagementA

For more info on VUCAVU please contact:

Jennifer Smith

Video Pool Distribution Coordinator

204-949-9134 x.4

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Video Pool Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program

The Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program was a collaboration with Community Education Development Association (CEDA/Pathways).  Each participant was paired with a mentor from the arts community; Niki Little, Luther Alexander and Jackie Traverse to learn and create a video project.  This project was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Artist and Community Collaboration grant.


Kyler Harper | Simulation | 5 minutes | 2016

Simulation is a short film about a hacker named Neil Spencer who can hack with a phone working alongside by Lindsay Swift a very smart secretary. The two of them try to get an upgrade to get promoted, but an ordinary man stops them with superior hacking skills then Neil.


Curtis Harper | Circle of Confusion | 3 minutes | 2016

Circle of Confusion is a short film about a young man lost in the forest.  He’s desperate and looks for a way out. While looking for a place to find home he finds an abandoned house; a vision quest based on longing for a good home.


Jaylene Storm and Winona Bearshield | Going With The Flow | 3 minutes | 2016

This collaborative work was made by Jaylene and Winona along with their mentor Jackie Traverse as an experimentation for their first film.  It was inspired by the city of Winnipeg and what surrounds them here, including pizza, indigenous artists, and Video Pool.



If you would like to screen these videos please contact the Distribution Coordinator Jennifer Smith at

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Call for Curators for 2016 Online Screenings

Online Screening call for Curators 2016

Over the last three years Video Pool Media Arts Centre has been holding online screenings three to four times a year, that allow us to share the video gems that are part of our archive of video that spans over 30 years. The videos are made available to the public on our website for 48 hours.

For 2016 we are seeking curators for 3 online screenings. Curators will be responsible for choosing 3 videos from the Video Pool Media Arts Centre Catalogue, and write a brief text (2 paragraphs) about the program they have put together. Curators will receive $150 for their time.

Video Pool is responsible for providing the support of our Distribution Coordinator to help the curator access videos they would like to preview, pay artist fees, do promotion of the screening, and set up the videos on our website.

The themes for the screening are open, however we would like the first screening to be in conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8, 2016. The following screenings would take place in August and November 2016.

Please submit a letter of interest including a subject you would like to research and CV to:

Jennifer Smith

204-949-9134 x.4

by Feb 21, 2016 at midnight

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VUCAVU Info Session


VUCAVU is almost here!

Video Pool Media Arts Centre is excited to share with our members and supporters information about our partnership with seven other Canadian Independent Media Art Distributors, resulting in VUCAVU is a bilingual online platform used for the dissemination of independent Canadian video and film.  After over three years of planning and working on the project, we look forward to launching the platform in Spring 2016!  Video Pool Media Arts Centre will have over 100 titles on the platform to begin and will constantly be adding new titles.
We will be holding Q&A session for members about the platform on November 18th at 6pm in the 3rd floor studio at Video Pool.  Please RSVP to our Distribution Coordinator Jen by emailing if you are interested in attending the session. Read on to learn more about what we have been up to.


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International Women’s Day Online Screening

Thanks for watching everyone!

Video Pool invites you to celebrate International Women’s Day 2015 with us by watching three videos online for free by three talented artists in our distribution catalogue.  For this online screening we have for you: The Avoidance of Destruction: An Alternative by Sarah-Lynne Otsuji, Brief Encounters and Sustained Engagement by Freya Björg Olafson, Eye Eye Captain! (Eau Claire) by Shawn Olin Jordan.  Available for viewing from Friday, March 6 at 5pm to Sunday March 8 only! Watch, enjoy and please share!
This program is curated by Rowan Gray.

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 5.15.41 PM The Avoidance of Destruction: An Alternative by Sarah-Lynne Otsuji

Invisible spiritual and psychological issues permeate every aspect of life, and yet remain hidden in average experience. The transformation from suffering to joy is one such process, and is explored in this three-part piece.

Missed the online screening? Watch The Avoidance of Destruction: An Alternative on VUCAVU now!

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 5.18.16 PMBrief Encounters and Sustained Engagement by Freya Björg Olafson
Brief Encounters & Sustained Engagement is part of the AVATAR series exploring methods of creating, validating and disseminating one’s identity through the use of technology and the Internet. The series is inspired by the mantra “I post therefore I am”, whereby Internet users legitimize their existence by documenting their lives and uploading this media to personal webpages and blogs. The work in this series facilitates an inquiry into our desire to share and publicize our lives. –

Missed the online screening? Watch Brief Encounters & Sustained Engagement on VUCAVU now!

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 5.19.38 PMEye Eye Captain! (Eau Claire) by Shawn Olin Jordan
Narrated tale of the dynamics between passengers on a ship and extreme weather conditions using archived televised hurricane weather reports. The piece weaves together multiple layers of meaning: shifting perceptions, a mythological journey, and contemporary environmental issues.

Missed the online screening? Watch Eye Eye Captain! (Eau Claire) on VUCAVU now!

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Member Screening – Feb. 12, 2015

Still from Aaron Zegher's 'Conspiracy'

Still from Aaron Zegher’s ‘Conspiracy’

Join us for an evening of video works by our members! 

  • Thursday, February 12
  • 7pm
  • Video Pool Studio (Unit 300 – 100 Arthur St.)
  • Free! Everyone is welcom

With work by:
Aaron Zeghers, Lansing Bruce Robertson, Fernando Dalayoan, Ed Ackerman, Freya Björg Olafson, Zorya Arrow, Saira Rahman, Scott Leroux, Sarah Paradis & Chris McCarville

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Prairie Winters – Online Screening

Thanks for watching everyone!

Video Pool was very excited to be able to share The Tooth Maker by Amalie Atkins, Imprint by Leah Decter and Threshold Economics by Hope Peterson for 48 hours only!
From Friday, January 16 at 5pm to Sunday, January 18 these three videos from our distribution archive were available for everyone to watch online for free.

The Tooth Maker by Amalie Atkins

The Tooth Maker by Amalie Atkins

The Tooth Maker by Amalie Atkins
2003 | 3:00

A woman discovers she is suddenly toothless! This movie is so scary and sweet it will make you want to eat sugar. Will she ever be able to crunch candy again? Will the toothmaker be able to transform the snow into a new tooth?



Imprint by Leah Decter

Imprint by Leah Decter

Imprint by Leah Decter
2008 | 6:49

Imprint is rooted in personal and national narratives – stories of refuge sought in a country founded on a Colonial process itself saturated with the displacement. A winter storm insists its presence on an expansive flat plain where a figure performs a ritual in two parts. One is a contest between footsteps and the blowing snow, a marking, unmarking and remarking of territory. The other, a deliberate act of remembrance, is an echo of the Jewish custom of leaving pebbles on a grave. Drawing on notions of agency, memory and loss, Imprint speaks to stories of the movement of people in which location and dislocation are inextricably intertwined.

Missed the online screening? Watch Imprint on VUCAVU now!

Threshold Economics by Hope Peterson

Threshold Economics by Hope Peterson

Threshold Economics by Hope Peterson
2011 | 5:30

Shot over a period of a year and a half in and around a Winnipeg apartment building, Threshold Economics is surveillance video by the occupant subject. This single-channel experimental video poses an unstable visual narrative creating an atmosphere of precarity. The sound design derives from location recordings and was remixed by Michel Germain. “Tinged with a faint influence of radio noir, this cinematic immersion offers a complex of security peepholes, passing shadows, disembodied voices, the music of steam radiators. Whether as an apartment dweller or detective, the protagonist and viewer alike negotiate walls, windowsills and doorways with stealth, caution and a thrifty gaze, dwelling in anticipatory moments between the inside and outside, the private and public, the familiar and the unknown.” (SAW Gallery catalogue, May 2011)

Missed the online screening? Watch Threshold Economics on VUCAVU now!

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New Acquisitions

Check out the latest acquisitions in our catalogue:


Table Dance by Lindsay Arnold

2017 | 3:13

Reminiscent of small town socials, Table Dance is a celebration of the handwork produced by women during the mid to late 20th century. Over 160 doilies take to the dance floor, throwing off their matronly reputations to prove age is no barrier to having a good time.   



Bidding War by Ivana Dizdar & Alvin Luong

2017 | 14:34

1345 Morningside Avenue, a Scarborough strip mall, has been listed for sale. Two parties are bidding for the property, eager to transform the existing units into a single large-scale business. The bidders are Luong Coyota & Lynxus, a booming car dealership established by business mogul Alvin Luong, and Dizdar Projects, a commercial gallery founded by Canadian gallerist, art dealer, and magnate Ivana Dizdar.

Bidding War, a research-based and site-specific exhibition, comprises photography, sculpture, and a performative two-channel video as its centrepiece. The video follows the rivalry between Luong and Dizdar, detailing the bidding process as well as their corporate ambitions, professional fields, and personal lives. The video also features the individuals’ assistants, Luong’s secretary and Dizdar’s unpaid intern, who have their own stakes, plans, and motivations within the bidding war.

Drawing from disparate styles and genres, such as corporate videos, camp, documentary, and science fiction, the artists have taken real estate, gentrification, and spatial politics in the GTA as points of departure in creating a humorous meditation on cars, art, institutions, consumerism, class, capitalism, and labour.

Winner of the OCAD University Off Screen Award at the Images Festival.



Fiddling Neurons by Lesley Nakonechny

2017 | 2:14

Fiddling Neurons tells the artist’s experience with seeing her grandfather struggle with and eventually succumb to Alzheimer’s disease. Nakonechny watched his memory and identity deteriorate, but he would occasionally come alive again with playing music. This fueled the desire to understand how the illness manifests itself, and what stories it represents.

nakonechny-Fiddling NeuronsA


See Weeds by Dawn George

2017 | 3:20

An examination of three weeds – dandelion, coltsfoot, and goldenrod and each weed’s direct effects on film stock via hand-processing with eco-processing techniques.  The film reveals not only the visual characteristic of each plant but also of filmic qualities that each plant imparts on the film stock.

georgeD-See Weeds


Pepo by Joel Penner

2016 | 4:57

Pepo is an imaginative exploration of the beauty found as zucchini and squash foliage and flowers desiccate on computer scanners.



Death and Taxes Make a Baby by Lansing Bruce Robertson

2017 | 6:17

Experimentally animated rhapsody of life, death, america and other inconsequential things.

robertson-Death and Taxes Make a BabyC


Kami by James Dixon

2017 | 4:50

A short documentary that details the creative and physical process of Winnipeg artist Kami Goertz.


what a feeling by Stacey Abramson

2016 | 5:39

The act of creating work is often seen as magical and sacred. The realities of diving into the process are anything but.

abramson_what a feelingB


Going with the Flow by Winona Bearshield & Jaylene Wood

This collaborative work was made by Jaylene and Winona along with their mentor Jackie Traverse as an experimentation for their first film.  It was inspired by the city of Winnipeg and what surrounds them here, including pizza, indigenous artists, and Video Pool. Going with the Flow was created during the 2016 Video Pool Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program.

BearshieldWood-Going with the Flow


Exiled Mothers by Sharon Alward

98:00 | 2015

In the stories of adoption, the mothers who gave birth were invisible. Exiled Mothers takes us on the artist Sharon Alward’s journey to recover her own repressed, secret, shaming memories from relinquishing her daughter in 1971. As she examines the social construction of relinquishment, adoption, and motherhood during the Baby Scoop Era we are introduced to many other Canadian mothers, who as young women—caught between love for their children and a social snare that demanded surrender—shared the same experience as Sharon that takes a lifetime to resolve. More than a film about adoption and loss, we witness an important period in the history of Western women as we emerge from the fog of a time when the judgment of so many, willfully separated masses of mothers from their children.

watch Exiled Mothers on now!




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Journeys – an online screening

Between Friday, July 18 and Sunday July 20, three videos from Video Pool’s distribution archive were available to watch online. Thanks for watching everyone!

Winnipeg to Saskatoon by Brenna George

Winnipeg to Saskatoon by Brenna George

2009, 2:20
A road trip video. The Canadian prairie landscape is sketched in simple forms in this on-the-move approach to landscape art.

Missed the online screening? Watch Winnipeg to Saskatoon on VUCAVU now!



Journey Through Fear by Dennis Jackson

1998, 5:53
The story follows an old Aboriginal mushom (grandfather) as he checks his week’s worth of traps while hunting along the shoreline. As he ventures out with his dog sled team, he reflects on how he got where he is. The expansion of communities has pushed his trap line further north just as his father before him. While at the fishing hole, he encounters a large black bear jumping out of the shoreline. His only chance is to run to the sled to get his rifle. The faster he runs, the closer the bear gets.



zipp-untitled#1 2004, 2:04

A collage of found film footage degraded by the artist and time.





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Digital Distribution Platform Announced

Video Pool is excited to share the Canada Council for the Arts’ announcement of a 1.5 million dollar investment into a new digital distribution platform.

We are thrilled to be part of this amazing group of distributors who have been working so hard to get the platform off the ground to benefit Video Pool Members and the Media Arts Community at large!

If you have further questions about the platform you can contact our Distribution Coordinator, Jen at

From the Canada Council for the Arts:

$1.5 million to support national digital platform for the distribution and dissemination of media artworks

Ottawa, May 22, 2014 – The Canada Council for the Arts today announced it will invest $1.5 million to support the creation of a national digital platform for independent works of Canadian film and video. The platform will support the distribution and dissemination of independent media artworks, making thousands of works available to programmers, curators, directors, artists and the general public. Canada Council is providing one time funding over three years for the initiative, which will be developed and administered by a coalition of Canada’s independent media arts distributors.

About the platform and coalition
  • The digital platform responds to a need for an online infrastructure to support the distribution and dissemination of creative content to local, national and international presenters, curators and the public buyers.
  • This initiative builds on recommendations contained in the Distribution of Artist-Driven Film and Video study, which examined Council’s role in sustaining the health of the media arts sector and improving accessibility of productions and financial return to artists.
  • The platform launch is scheduled for spring of 2016, and will feature existing media artworks and add new ones on an ongoing basis.
  • No funds from Council granting programs were diverted to support this initiative.
  • The Canadian Coalition for Independent Media Arts Distributors was created in 2013. It includes the following organizations: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC), Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV), Les Films du 3 mars (F3M), Moving Images Distribution, Vidéo Femmes, Video Out Distribution (VIVO), Video Pool, Winnipeg Film Group. Other organizations may join the Coalition going forward.
“This distribution and dissemination platform creates an important and necessary digital space from both a supply and demand perspective,” said Robert Sirman, Director and CEO of the Canada Council. “It will offer independent Canadian media artists a new portal through which to showcase their work, and for presenters, unprecedented access to high quality content. The end result? More outstanding Canadian media artwork reaching audiences at home and internationally.”
“The Independent Media Arts Alliance acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and this important investment to the digital distribution project,” said Kevin Allen, IMAA president. “The funding will have a tremendous impact on the media arts community and infrastructure nationally, by creating new exhibition and distribution opportunities for artists, as well as finding new audiences nationally and internationally for Canadian independent media artwork.”
About the Canada Council for the Arts 
The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s national arts funder. Its grants and payments to artists and arts organizations benefit Canadians by ensuring a vibrant arts sector in Canada. Its awards celebrate creativity by recognizing exceptional Canadians in the arts, humanities and sciences. The Canada Council Art Bank is a national collection of over 17,000 Canadian contemporary artworks – all accessible to the public through rental, loan and outreach programs. The Canadian Commission for UNESCO operates within the Canada Council.Media contacts:
Heather McAfee: 1-800-263-5588 or 613-566-4414, ext. 4166
Mireille Allaire: 1-800-263-5588 or 613-566-4414, ext 4523
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