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Help Video Pool Media Arts Centre create Winnipeg’s first media art gallery!



For 35 years Video Pool (VP) has been leading the way in video production, robotics, sound/video installation and interactive platforms. From exhibitions of international works to providing technical support and grants to local artists, we continue to evolve in the ever-changing media arts world.

Please help us in the development of VP’s first permanent gallery space, POOLSIDE GALLERY, by making a contribution today!


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The POOLSIDE Media Art Gallery will be Winnipeg’s only gallery dedicated to contemporary media arts practices. It will provide local and visiting artists a place to showcase their work in a physical space.
Located on the second floor of the ArtSpace building, POOLSIDE will be an important catalyst in the development of Manitoba’s media artists and will act as a social hub for community engagement, critical reflection and learning.
The name POOLSIDE comes from a publication created and developed at Video Pool Media Arts Centre from 1989-2009. Each book was a resource for artists, curators and historians and provided an opportunity for video and media artists to have their works highlighted. We are excited to turn that celebrated publication into a physical place where the audience can enjoy a more personal experience with the art.


How Will It Work?

POOLSIDE Gallery will provide a platform for the research and dissemination of exploratory practices in media art installations and events, and will act as an extension of Video Pool’s current facilities (Flex Studio, 5.1 Surround Suite, Tracking Studio, Isolation Booth, Electronics Lab, Temperature Controlled Archive).


POOLSIDE will be made available to media artists to develop, disseminate and document media art installations and performances and host workshops for presenting artists to share information on the process and technologies that illustrate their curriculum.


How Will We Program the Gallery?

Curated Exhibition and Education Programs:

VP will invite local, national and international artists to exhibit their work at POOLSIDE, offering specific, related education programs by high profile artists and technicians. Local artists will be able to learn techniques and approaches from the creators who have developed each exhibit.

Curated Screenings, Events and Exhibitions from the Archive:

With the 2200 titles dating back more than 35 years, VP will host screenings designed to celebrate the work of our members and provide a platform for discussion of historical and contemporary work.

Member Events and Exhibitions:

VP Members will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the gallery at public events. These will also act as community events to bring together members and create a better understanding of our local creative economy.

Community Collaborations:

VP will partner with other organizations in the community to develop partnerships in programming, providing an opportunity for festivals and other organizations to expand their repertoire and extend their reach to new and diverse audiences.

How Can I Help?

Helping out is EASY!

Just click the above “Donate Now” button, or stop by Video Pool with a Cheque, Cash, Debit or Credit Card!

All donors will be recognized on the POOLSIDE Gallery donor wall, on our website, and in the annual report.

Tax receipts will be provided upon request for donations greater than $25.




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