Temporal Contours v.02

Video Pool Media Arts Centre cordially invites you to Temporal Contours, a quarterly series of sound-based performances taking place in Poolside Gallery.

Friday March 9 2018 | 8pm | $10/$8 VP Members

Temporal Contours is intended to to create an open, inclusive and comfortable space for the exploration and experimentation of all things sonic.

For version 02 we’re thrilled to be able to host from California, Henry Kaiser, as well as sets from local Rosa Reaper and a new project called Raze, made up of two members of Civvie.

Feel free to come early / stay late, as we’ll be spinning records and serving drinks.

In addition, Eye and Ear Control Records will be here with the distro and a chance to hear some of what’s in stock.

co-presented with send+receive: a festival of sound & Eye and Ear Control Records

send+receive: a festival of sound

Eye and Ear Control Records

Rosa Reaper (CA): – https/rosareaper.bandcamp.com/
Rosa Reaper is a vocal performance project that began in 2012. It has roots in the vein of doom, punk, and experimental/choral singing. Rosa Reaper is the fable of the Rose Harvester.

Raze (CA) – http://civviesound.com
Raze is comprised of two members from Winnipeg improv trio Civvie. What is it? They aren’t sure yet, but who knows what the hell is going on these days.

Henry Kaiser (US) http://henrykaiserguitar.com/
Grammy-winning guitarist Henry Kaiser has appeared on more than 300 albums. A restless collaborator who constantly seeks the most diverse and personally challenging contexts for his music, Henry not only produces and contributes to a staggering number of recorded projects, he performs frequently throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Poolside Gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the Artspace Building at 100 Arthur St. Please use the elevator to access.

Video Pool is wheelchair accessible from the King St entrance.



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Cluster Festival – asinglewordisnotenough

Friday, March 2, 2018

Pre-Concert Lightning Talk 7pm

Doors/Show: 7:30/8:00pm

Limited Tickets HERE

Instruments fuse with bodies, freeing startling voices from inanimate objects…


Video Pool Media Arts Centre and Poolside Gallery have teamed up with the Cluster Festival this year and is excited to host asinglewordisnotenough, where Seth Parker Woods will play an intimate solo recital of works for cello and electronics by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Oliver Thurley, Monty Adkins, Chinary Ung, Martin Iddon and Mary Jane Leach.

Under Woods’ expressive hands, the cello becomes an amorphous hybrid of natural and digital creatures, unleashing bellowing cries, frail wails, and torrents of electronic noise.

Please bring a print-out or mobile copy of your ticket confirmation to claim your ticket(s) at the door.





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Exhibit – No Man’s Land – Duo Couturier / Lafargue

No Man’s Land – Louis Couturier & Jacky Georges Lafargue

Artist Presentation / Reception – Friday Jan 12 2018 7 pm

Exhibit runs Jan 12 – Feb 16 2018
Gallery hours Wed – Sat 12-5
Poolside Gallery
221-100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg MB

No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land started with a residency supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec in Manitoba (2016). The purpose of this residency was to follow the Manitoba-United States boundary strip, which is 6 meters wide by 444 kilometers long. This line, neither American nor Canadian, is a true no man’s land separating Manitoba from the states of North Dakota and Minnesota. We explored, traveled, photographed and filmed it. Our main action was to take samples (soil squares and soil prints). Ten samples were taken. The video set of landscape and interventions of real samplings carried out constitutes a artialisation: that is to say an artistic transformation of the boundary landscape. This artialisation is applied at Poolside Gallery in the form of an installation called No Man’s Land. The samplings materialize the boundary line and the videos reveal rural environments swept by the wind, without a living soul. These images are the opposite of what a border represents for those of us who wish to pass it. A place where everyone waits for his turn to be validated, stamped. A barrier that recent american political decisions (Trump) push more and more men, women and families to cross illegally. Our artistic experience of this no man’s land made us see how this line that is both concrete and abstract is an in-between, a space by which we are all at once attracted and suspicious! An empty space acting as an interface acting as a window on the world opposite. A limit to travel and to cross!

Duo Couturier Lafargue – www.couturierlafargue.com

Jacky Georges Lafargue and Louis Couturier are interested in out of ordinary and singular environments where they operate different types of interventions and actions.

 Their latest projects led them to stay in an open-pit asbestos mine, to explore the effects of copper mining on the surrounding nature, to discover a huge hydro-electric reservoir that drowned an entire hunting area of the Cree Nation, to browse the future sites of highway 138 extension in a wild and isolated nature, to look for the vestiges of an old paper mill in the Gaspésie forest along a salmon river, to intervene in the Australian nature and on the international border between Manitoba and the United States. Photographing, filming, collecting real elements, making markings, overlays and modular constructions, taking samples are among the actions in situ conducted by Duo Couturier Lafargue on these specific sites. This material is then used to create works as well as multidisciplinary installations. Since 2016 The Duo continues a sculptural series (Geographical Sculpture) based on the geographical maps and the characteristics of several types of territories: cities, countries, islands … Each territorial treatment was inspired by a multitude of information collected about it . All these projects are detailed on the website www.couturierlafargue.com

Duo Couturier Lafargue has exhibited in the past five years at Center Langage Plus (Alma, Quebec, 2015), at the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY, 2014), at Sporobole Center in Contemporary Art (Sherbrooke, Quebec, 2014). ), Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse, Yukon, 2013), Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (2011-2012).

Their next exhibitions will take place at Video Pool (Winnipeg, Manitoba, January 2018), Circa (Montreal, Quebec, April 2018), Biennale art nOmad 2 “Intus Ex” (traveling exhibition in France, Germany and Switzerland, May 2018) and at Occurrence: Contemporary Art and Essays (Montreal, Quebec, September 2018).

No Man’s Land – (FR)

No Man’s Land découle d’une résidence soutenue par le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec qui a été menée au Manitoba en 2016. Celle-ci avait pour objet la bande frontière entre le Manitoba et les États-Unis dont les dimensions sont de 6 mètres de largeur par 444 km de longueur. Cette ligne, ni américaine ni canadienne, est un véritable no man’s land qui sépare le Manitoba des états du Dakota du Nord et du Minnesota. Nous l’avons explorée, parcourue, photographiée et filmée. Notre principale activité sur celle-ci consistait à prélever des échantillons (carrés de sol et tableaux-empreintes). Dix prélèvements ont été réalisés.

L’ensemble vidéo du paysage et des interventions de prélèvements réels qui y sont menés constitue une artialisation c’est-à-dire une transformation artistique du paysage frontalier. Celle-ci est appliquée à la Pool Gallery sous la forme d’une installation intitulée No Man’s Land.

Les prélèvements matérialisent la ligne frontière et les vidéos font découvrir des environnements ruraux balayés par le vent, sans âme qui vive. Ces images se situent à l’opposé de ce qu’une frontière représente pour ceux d’entre nous qui souhaitent la passer. Un endroit où chacun attend son tour pour être validé, tamponné. Une barrière que les récentes décisions politiques américaines (Trump) poussent, de plus en plus d’hommes, de femmes et des familles à traverser illégalement.

Notre expérience artistique de ce no man’s land nous a fait voir à quel point cette ligne à la fois concrète et abstraite est un entre-deux, un espace  par lequel nous sommes tous  à la fois attirés et méfiants ! Un espace vide, un interface  faisant office de fenêtre sur le monde d’en face.

Une limite à franchir et à parcourir !

Duo Couturier Lafargue

Jacky Georges Lafargue et Louis Couturier s’intéressent aux environnements hors normes et singuliers où ils opèrent différents types d’interventions et d’actions.

Leurs plus récents projets les ont amenés à séjourner dans une mine d’amiante à ciel ouvert, à explorer les effets d’une exploitation de cuivre sur la nature environnante, à découvrir un immense réservoir hydro-électrique qui a noyé tout un territoire de chasse appartenant aux Cris, à parcourir les futurs sites de prolongement de la route 138 dans une nature isolée et sauvage, à rechercher les vestiges d’un ancien moulin à papier dans la forêt gaspésienne le long d’une rivière à saumon et à intervenir dans la nature australienne et sur la frontière internationale entre le Manitoba et les Etats-Unis.

Photographier, filmer, récolter des éléments réels, réaliser des marquages, des recouvrements et des constructions modulaires, prélever des échantillons sont parmi les actions in situ menées par le Duo Couturier Lafargue sur ces sites spécifiques. Ce matériel est ensuite utilisé pour créer des œuvres ainsi que des installations pluridisciplinaires.

Le Duo poursuit également depuis 2016 une série sculpturale (Sculpture Géographique) à partir des cartes géographiques et des caractéristiques de plusieurs types de territoires : villes, pays, îles… Chaque traitement de territoire s’est inspiré des multiples renseignements recueillis à son sujet.

Tous ces projets sont détaillés sur le site www.couturierlafargue.com

Le Duo Couturier Lafargue a exposé ces cinq dernières années au Centre Langage Plus (Alma, Québec, 2015), à l’Université de Rochester (Rochester, État de NewYork, 2014), chez Sporobole Centre en art actuel (Sherbrooke, Québec, 2014), au Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse, Yukon, 2013), au Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (2011-2012).

Leurs prochaines expositions auront lieu à Video Pool (Winnipeg, Manitoba, janvier 2018), Circa (Montréal, Québec, avril 2018), Biennale art nOmad 2 « Intus Ex» (exposition itinérante en France, Allemagne et la Suisse, mai 2018) et à Occurrence : Espace d’art et d’essai contemporains (Montréal, Québec, septembre 2018).

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Temporal Contours – Sound Performance Social

Video Pool Media Arts Centre cordially invites you to Temporal Contours, a new quarterly series of sound-based performances taking place in Poolside Gallery.

To kick off the series we welcome Burden, Dogon Lock and Joel Mierau,

Temporal Contours is intended to to create an open, inclusive and comfortable space for the exploration and experimentation of all things sonic.

Friday December 8 2017 | 7:30PM

Feel free to come early / stay late, as we’ll be spinning records and serving drinks.

In addition, Eye and Ear Control Records will be here with the distro and a chance to hear some of what’s in stock.

co-presented with send+receive: a festival of sound & Eye and Ear Control Records

send+receive: a festival of sound

Eye and Ear Control Records





Dogon Lock

Tape music for fans of tape music:


Joel Mierau

Joel Mierau is an artist working with sound, living in Winnipeg. He is always listening. His process is informed by this intimate perception of subtle changes in sounds which influence how he navigates through his work & performances; many of which consist of long tones and the discrete movement of objects. The act of intentional discretion is used to create sonic events that lead listeners across the barriers that hinder oneself from being present in the moment, to actively listen, and to possibly find something to be desired from within their discomfort.

Poolside Gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the Artspace Building at 100 Arthur St. Please use the elevator to access.

Video Pool is wheelchair accessible from the King St entrance.



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The Gathering: Schedule (November 17 to 19, 2017)

The Gathering is the collective sharing of experiences among the participants and the public. Participants for this have been selected from a national and international call for submissions. Each participant brings their own insights, working methods and experiences to The Gathering in the spirit of collaborative engagement and creativity. The proceedings of the working groups will be streamed and broadcast, with the participants bringing their innovative ways of working from the historic examples given in the exhibition towards new modes of feminist inquiry and activism in new media.


All welcome.

Events are all free of charge except the Big Wig performance by Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan. Buy tickets here.

The Potluck on the evening of the 18th is reserved for women, women identified and non-binary artists.

November 18th is the Santa Claus Parade in downtown Winnipeg, please keep this in mind when planning your transportation to the event, there are some suggestions of parking and travel routes on our facebook event.

Note: Events take place at Finch Gallery Workspace (74 Princess Street) unless otherwise stated.


Friday, November 17

Saturday, November 18

Sunday, November 19


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Kelly Ruth – pH: Measurement of Success

pH: MepH_Work in progress 09:08:17asurement of Success ::: Kelly Ruth


Exhibition: October 6 – 28 2017
Artist Presentation: Friday October 6: 6pm
Reception: Friday October 6: 7 pm
Gallery hours: Wed – Sat 12 – 5 closed long weekends
Poolside Gallery is located on the 2nd flr of Artspace Building 100 Arthur st Winnipeg MB

This exhibition is an adjunct presentation with send+receive: a festival of sound on from October 12 – 15 2017. Please visit here for more information: http://sendandreceive.org/


pH: Measurement of Success:

As an artist I am concerned with the interplay between class, economics and environmental collapse. Specifically our relationship to freedom and our submissions to the controls over our time while the environmental casualties pile up around us.

Since the time of the Industrial Revolution our modes of labour and production have radically transformed the way we relate as humans, to each other and the land. In response to the capitalist model we are living in, I think it is of critical importance to observe the differences between competition and mutual aid as it relates to the organization of societies while considering ourselves in community with the natural world. Working primarily in fibre, new media, (natural and synthetic) and sound I am considering our place in history and our possible future trajectories.

pH: Measurement of Success is an interactive sound and light installation which uses conductive thread for circuits which are hand woven into cloth. At the heart of the installation is a hand woven cloth, dyed using plants, which represents the coral reef. Additionally a sound composition for the piece is designed in many parts and is affected by the presence of humans within the space.



This program is part of the send+receive festival of sound, V19.






Kelly Ruth is a Textile/New Media artist who has been activating her textiles and tools through using electronics, sound, and integrating microcontrollers into the foundations of her woven cloth. She has created several bodies of work using fibre, dyeing with plants and weaving, recognizing these as early technologies and ethnographic relationships that humans have had with the land. In her work she is primarily concerned with the interplay between class, economics and ecology. In her live sound performances she uses contact microphones on her weaving loom collecting and manipulating the sounds through pedals and effects. Kelly has a background as a textile dyer/painter for dance, theatre and film companies across Canada. She is also a garment industry activist and models her manufacturing ideals through running her small business as an artisan garment and woven jewelry designer. She is a recent graduate of the Foundation Mentorship Program at Mentoring Artists For Women’s Art, a recipient of Video Pool’s New Artist in New Media Arts fund, and has been awarded several grants from the Winnipeg Arts Council and Manitoba Arts Council.


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send + receive: a festival of sound 2017 warm-up in Poolside Gallery – Friday September 22

Aston Coles Dec17Winnipeg_YearEndPoolside Gallery & Video Pool Media Arts is super excited to be a part of this primer to Send + Receive’s 2017 edition of it’s long-running festival! Please join us, first in Cinematheque for the film What About Me: The Rise of the Nihilist Spasm Band at 8:30 and afterward in Poolside Gallery for a reception and performance from Aston Coles. All signs point to this being a ruckus evening!!

send + receive began in 1998 as a project of Video Pool Media Arts Centre in response to new modes of creation and distribution emerging from technological developments in communications and audio/music industries. In 2001, due to an increase in interest for the event by local, national and international communities, send + receive became an incorporated entity, further enabling growth in creative and critical programming. send + receive and Video Pool are happy to continue their long-standing partnership through new forms, as this be the first of what we hope are many performances in sonic experimentation in Poolside Gallery.

co-presented with Winnipeg Film Group and Video Pool Media Arts Centre

v. 19 – Pre-festival event – Friday, September 22, 2017

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Matt Smith Artist in Residence


We are looking forward to having Matt Smith as our Artist In Residence! Matt has been involved in media arts since the 1990s in a variety of capacities and has worked for the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, co-founded the loose collective of technicians and artists, FirstFloor Electronix, co-hosted the highly experimental FirstFlooRadioshow on CITR in Vancouver, and produced sound-art and radio shows for international broadcast. Matt founded Artist Run Limousine which between 2003 and 2009 spawned a series of international productions of “Audiomobile”, 59285b65-25bc-4ee9-af5f-6c9a4c4a89beand, as a member of the Second Site Collective, created an environmental sound piece using his remote-sensing software at Sun Yat Sen Garden spring of 2013. In 2013 a solo-show at CSA in Vancouver featured photography related works from 2008 to 2013. His interests are largely focussed on technical photography and digital networks, with a variety of projects exploring perception – not only of space and time, but also the technological ecology that we surround ourselves with.

Matt is giving a workshop at Video Pool (September 26/27) teaching participants how to connect popular creative real-time media environments (PD, Processing, other open-source software), to a simple, commercial laser-scanner. The workshop will cover basic laser-scanner operation, it’s overall limitations and capabilities, and will focus on using a computer to control the laser-scanner in real-time. Workshop participants will work collaboratively to develop a laser show to play inside Eckhardt Hall at the WAG. Matt’s piece is to be comprised of video clips of people dancing transposed into a laser show and triggered by music on the outside wall of the Winnipeg Art Gallery during Nuit Blanche 2017. The public is invited to contribute dance moves, poses or other movement by either visiting Poolside Gallery during the last half of September or submitting material online.




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Dinka Pignon – Exhibition and Artist in Residence – August 2017

Video Pool Media Arts Centre is excited to have sculptural projection artist Dinka Pignon in Residence from August 15 – 30, developing her new work, Game Over. Dinka will also be exhibiting Pool in Poolside Gallery which will be open for the Lost in Artsp_ace event on Thursday August 24 and will run through September 8, 2017. This project is made possible through the direct support of the Winnipeg Foundation and through the ongoing support of our funders, donors and volunteers.


Artist Presentation and reception: Tuesday August 29, 7pm, 2017

Gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5 pm.














Dinka Pignonis an interdisciplinary media artist working with spatial video installation and performance art. Her experimental practice is characterized by a strong affinity for the phenomenal, liminal, conceptual and minimal. Her work is situated in the field of ‘mixed reality’, operating on the borderline between the real and the virtual. Her installations involve large-scale video projections that reshape the architecture of the space and create illusionary effects over objects. The installations become virtual environments for performance, often inviting audience participation. Over the last 30 years Pignon has produced a large body of work that has exhibited internationally. Parallel to her own practice she has coordinated and curated interdisciplinary art events, festivals, experimental workshops and international art exchange programs. Devoted to artist-run culture she has spent most of her working life in artist-run centers: 15 years at the Fylkingen for New Music & Intermedia Art in Stockholm and 10 years at VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver.

Check out some of Dinka’s past work here:

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Scott Leroux Fund for Media Arts Exploration

Scott-Organ Room

Deadline: October 15, 2017

Residency to take place: February 2018


Scott Leroux was a creative force during the time he spent making artwork at Video Pool Media Arts
Centre. He had boundless energy and an ability to bring people together around his and others’ acts
of expression. Scott was a multi-talented musician and composer, photographer and video-artist, and
developed a unique artistic process through experimentation. His presence breathed an air of
curiosity into Video Pool’s studios. Suddenly, and sadly, Scott passed away on October 29, 2016.
Video Pool is honoured to announce that his legacy will continue through a fund created by the
Leroux family in Scotts name that offers $1,200 for a one-month residency in our new Poolside
Gallery. Artists will produce new work and are encouraged to spend this time experimenting and
pushing the boundaries of Media Arts, using Poolside as a ‘living laboratory’ where work can be
explored, developed, exhibited, and discussed. Artists are invited to propose a project through the guidelines below:


  • Applicants must be current members of Video Pool or willing to purchase a General Membership: http://www.videopool.org/membership/
  • Members can only hold one fund at a time at Video Pool.
  • All types of technology-based artistic projects are eligible, including web based art, installation or performance works with strong media art component, physical computing, interactive art, robotic or experimental electronic art, video installation, or sound works.
  • Works in progress are not eligible.
  • School projects are not eligible.
  • Commercial projects are not eligible.

NOTE: Applicants to the Scott Leroux Fund for Media Arts Exploration are strongly encouraged to contact the Programming Coordinator prior to submission. For more information email: vpprogramming@videopool.org


Fund recipient will have access to Poolside Gallery, and should make a list of proposed equipment for their project. Video Pool will attempt to provide access to equipment needed, but may not be able to fulfill all requests.

Please note that Poolside Gallery has some physical constraints. The space is approximately 380ft2 with 6 doorways and 1 post. In addition, unfortunately we are currently not able to exhibit work involving loud audio volumes. While we will do our best to accommodate most projects, applicants are encouraged to adapt their work to the room. For a layout of the gallery please visit:

Poolside Gallery layout


The Scott Leroux Fund for Media Arts Exploration will be juried by Video Pool’s Executive Director, another member of Video Pool staff, and 2 media artist’s from the community. Notices of the jury’s decision will be sent out within 8 weeks from the application deadline by the Programming Coordinator.


Each individual is required to adhere to the following:

  • The recipient must pursue the project as proposed. Any dramatic deviation in the project’s content must be cleared with the Programming Coordinator.
  • Projects must credit Video Pool Media Arts Centre and the Scott Leroux Fund for Media Arts Exploration.
  • The recipient must submit audio/visual documentation of the project to be used for promotional materials and social media.
  • The recipient must allow the public regular weekly access to them while working in the Poolside Gallery.
  • The recipient is required to submit a final report and financial statement. A template will be provided to successful applicants to facilitate this process.


One copy of the application and ALL supporting materials must be received at the Video Pool office by midnight on the deadline date. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, it defaults to the next working day. Email applications are preferred, however they can also be dropped off in person or by mail.

Submissions must include the following:


Provide a synopsis of the proposed project and a visual/sound treatment detailing how the project will be realized (not to exceed 2 pages). Jurors should get a clear sense of the work, how it contributes to the applicant’s artistic development and why the applicant wants to pursue the proposed piece.


List of all equipment necessary for the work.


Provide an outline for the public engagement aspect of the residency. This might include artist talks, open studio time, workshops, meetings, discussions etc.


Should detail relevant artistic experience of the applicant (not to exceed 3 pages.)


Limited to 2 samples and may include: online links to video (max.10 minutes running time); audio on CD or online (max. 10 minutes play time); or, max 10 still images emailed with the application or on CD or USB (.jpg or .tif only.) Please include a list detailing the support material and label all support material with applicant’s name and title of the work. Do not submit originals, as Video Pool assumes no liability in the loss of, or damage to, any support material. A deadline date will be set for applicants to pick up non-web based submission materials (ie. CDs, DVDs, etc.), after which, materials will be destroyed.

For additional information, please contact:

Kelsey Braun

T: +1 204.949.9134 (x.108)
E: vpprogramming@videopool.org

vpprogramming@videopool.org with the subject line SCOTT LEROUX FUND
or by mail to:
Scott Leroux Fund
Video Pool Media Arts Centre
300-100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1H3

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