Domestic Memorabilia – A Video Installation by Caroline Blais

Domestic Memorabilia Caroline Blais




After a three months artistic residency in Winnipeg, Caroline Blais invites you to the presentation of her project “Domestic Memorabilia”, shown at Video Pool, December 7th-15th.

“I collect objects of all sorts, many of them to fulfil a practical purpose, and others for their aesthetic and nostalgic qualities. I like to have around me souvenirs of other eras and other cultures, and with this input of the past I compose the present. My collection is the inspiration for this cabinet of curiosities, where I transpose consumer products into a virtual and intangible realm.”

Caroline Blais is a Montreal-based visual artist. She studied cinema, graphic design and languages in Montreal and Lapland. Her art practice situates itself at the intersection of art and graphic design, in the public space. Her work has been presented in Canada and Europe, as VJ performances, video installation work, publication work and web projects. She is a member of the Very Awesome collective.

This project was made possible with financial aid from le Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, support from Videopool and la Maison des artistes visuels francophones, and precious help from Ace Art, RAW Gallery and Winnipeg Film Group.


Après une résidence artistique de trois mois à Winnipeg, Caroline Blais vous invite à la présentation de son projet « Domestic Memorabilia » à Video Pool, du 7 au 15 décembre 2012.

« J’accumule les objets autour de moi sans effort. Je valorise les meubles et articles du quotidien utiles, mais j’en collectionne aussi plusieurs pour des raisons sentimentales; pour posséder une trace des époques passées, de temps et lieux différents. Avec ces souvenirs, je recompose le présent pour créer un univers unique et intemporel. Cette collection d’objets disparates est l’inspiration de ce cabinet des curiosités, dans lequel je transpose des objets de la vie quotidienne dans un monde animé et intangible. »

Caroline Blais est une artiste visuelle Montréalaise. Elle a étudié le cinéma, le design graphique et les langues à Montréal et en Laponie. Sa pratique se situe à la frontière de l’art et du design graphique, et prend place dans l’espace public. Son travail a été présenté au Canada et en Europe, sous forme de performance VJ, d’installation vidéo, de livre ou de projet web. Elle tire son inspiration de ses observations du quotidien, des gens qu’elle rencontre et de voyages dans des lieux incongrus. Elle est aussi membre du collectif Very Awesome.

La réalisation de ce projet a été possible grâce à l’apport financier du Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, au support de Videopool et de la Maison des artistes visuels francophones, et à l’aide précieuse de Ace Art, de la Galerie RAW et de Winnipeg Film Group.

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Lite Nite – Art’s Birthday 2012

Lite Nite - Art's Birthday 2012Art is 1,000 049 years old!

Video Pool Media Arts Center, in collaboration with Ace Art Inc and Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts invite you to celebrate LITE NITE: ART’S BIRTHDAY 2012: an evening of light inspired installations, workshops, performances, si…lent auction and cake!

LITE NITE: Art’s Birthday 2012 is on Tuesday, January 17th 2012 from 6pm to midnight at Ace Art Inc: 290 McDermot Avenue, 2nd floor. Cover is by donation ($5.00 is recommended).

Since 1963, emerging out of the Fluxus art movement, Art’s Birthday has been celebrated on a global level by a circuit of artists to acknowledge the presence of art in our daily lives.


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Doug Lewis – Artist Talk and Screening

Doug Lewis - Artist Talk

Douglas Lewis
Artist Talk + Screening
Friday, August 10, 2012
7pm Video Pool 3rd Floor Studio
Free event + open to the public

Video Pool Media Arts Centre invites you to attend an Artist Talk and Screening by Winnipeg artist and curator Doug Lewis.  Lewis will be presenting his latest work “Screenplay” and discussing the ‘screen’ as an object that holds both our anticipation and simultaneously delays our sense of expectation. In addition, Lewis will be drawing parallels between neurological functions and cinematic perceptions based upon the recently released book Memory by Alison Winter.

Video Pool is pleased to screen two works by Doug Lewis: “ScreenPlay and Mountain” and “Drum and Bell”.

Doug Lewis is a Winnipeg artist and curator presently living and working in Beijing, China. He has exhibited in Canada, United States, England, Croatia and China. He holds a BFA from University of Manitoba and MA in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art, London with a special focus on curating as art practice.
Lewis’ practice is research-based and his projects begin as research into everyday events and result in works that can differ greatly from one idea and medium to another. He states, “art is something that is allowed to happen” and uses his mediums in such a way as to reveal everyday events.
His most recent work entitled “Screenplay” consists of public interventions resulting in video and photography and loosely based on Charlie Chaplin’s film Behind the Screen.

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Dispergere Maiz – Installation by Manuel Chantre

Dispergere Maiz - Manuel Chantre


Manuel Chantre “Dispergere Maiz”
May 24- June 07, 2012
OPENING I  June 01, 7:00PM
Negative Space
253 Princess Street

Manuel Chantre’s work focuses on the construction and deconstruction of cultural symbols. Designed as an immersive and interactive installation, Dispergere Maiz, explores the various representations and symbols associated with corn- a plant that has been cultivated and consumed by human kind for the last five thousand years. The project consists of twenty-four transparent projection screens, four video projectors and four loudspeakers. The unique interpretation of each spectator and the manipulation of spatial perception are the primary axis guiding the environment. In the dark gallery space, various screens flicker and engage the public in a narrative composed of familiar places and symbols. In this installation spectators explore a universe woven of memories and recollections.

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Being There – Installation by Lei Cox

Being There - Lei Cox

Lei Cox “ Being There

May 04-June 02 2012
Opening May 4, 7pm
Gurevich Fine Art Gallery
Winnipeg, MB


Follow Lei Cox on a journey to fiction and back again inBeing There. Video Pool Media Arts Centre in collaboration with Gurevich Fine Art are pleased to present a retrospective of Lei Cox`s work from 1986 to 2011.  Current work includes: Being There: a triptych video  performance  inspired by a life long obsession with flight, space travel and human desire to push the envelope. Catching Sight of Sputnik 2009/11Race 2010/11, and Auto Draw 2010  will be exhibited together displaying a range of work that begins a 26-year quest to find a surrealistic fiction, or the unusual, in everyday life through the medium of photography and video.


“Mechanical Shadows” A series of mechanical representations inquire about the future and the history of reproduction. Sculpture, photography, drawing, painting all move within the images resisting definition as any one medium. Reconstructions of body and vision are formed by the mechanical hand of a photographic artist;
the gaze manifests as the shadow of shadows.


Defining identity is dubious, the identity of a period in time even more so. We do however, associate certain colours, fashions and values to specific eras in time; one example being the international exportation and influence of America’s particular tastes and values via Hollywood. I revisit the notion of identity of previous decades, essentially Canadian and North American identity, through a series of inventive portraitures, using various painted surface treatments and hand-cut paper elements.


Lei Cox works with video installation, video art, performance-to-camera and photography and has shown his work worldwide since 1985. His work has often been described a surreal, humorous and science fictional. Cox began working with black and white photography, this was essentially shot straight and with no special effects where finding the unusual in everyday landscapes and portraits was the dominant theme. These early photographs were made with full-frame purity, dramatic light with high contrast and tonal exaggeration.

The work changed direction after considering experimentation with sandwich negatives in the enlarger, studio lighting work, filmmaking and video art and the vast possibilities of moving images and early digital video effects. Together with parallel interests in sound and music, video art and video installation became his main form of expression. Later utilizing digital broadcast quality production and post production equipment he began questioning the need for extensive compositing, the reliance of the computer and the over complication of some works which took up to two years to construct.

Major solo exhibitions have been shown in the Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Laing Gallery, Newcastle and Gallery Rene Coelho, Amsterdam. Cox has also been exhibited in shows including Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tate Gallery Liverpool, Osnabruck European Media Art Festival, His Single screen work has been shown in over 70 international festivals and he has recently completed an interactive camera obscura public artwork, The Dark Room:  Mountain to Sea – Beyond Site which is situated on Cairngorm Mountain in Scotland.

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Chico MacMurtrie – Inflatable Robotic Arts in Canada

Chico MacMurtrie - Inflatable Robotic Arts in Canada


Inflatable Robotic Arts in Canada
University of Manitoba School of Art Gallery
March 30 – April 27 2012
Workshop Dates: March 20-30, 2012

March 30- April 27
Video Pool Media Arts Centre, in collaboration with The University of Manitoba School of Art is pleased to present: Inflatable Robotic Arts in Canada by New York based artist Chico MacMurtrie. Inflatable Architecture Intervention and the Cellular Hexagons are the most recent developments for live performance and installation. Inspired by cellular architecture and organic growth, these works offer a direct, visceral experience of the kinds of minuet geometric constructions that underlie all of life. Inflatable Architecture Intervention, like MacMurtrie`s earlier work, reveals that organic and inorganic forms are not mutually exclusive categories, but different moments of a shared continuum of form. Inflatable Robotic Arts in Canada represents an innovative development project implementing evolving technologies for the new generation of robotic sculpture and media arts.

MARCH 30, 2012, 4-7 PM
During the Inflatable Architecture Intervention performance, compressed air enters the artists bodysuit via a hose, his gestures are bringing to life these tubes as extensions of his own life force. The fabric begins to swell and inflate, accompanied by the syncopated respiration of the air valves. As the mass grows, a lattice of interlocking tubes starts to take shape. The expanding geometric structure interacts with the human body in a confrontational pas de deux choreography – each tube being capable of behaving like muscle and bone – and pushes the body of the artist around. Finally, all of the tubes reach their fully taut state and Inflatable Architecture Intervention resembles an airy, organically-inflected geometric structure. At the end of the performance, the artist frees himself, tube by tube, and exits the room, leaving Inflatable Architecture Intervention behind. 

March 20-30, 2012
Canadian artists, students, engineers and technicians are invited to participate in a ten day workshop:  How to Make Robotic Performing Machines and Robotic Environments. Fifteen participants will be selected to assist Chico MacMurtrie to create a new generation of large scale inflatable robot sculptures, to be exhibited at The University of Manitoba School of Art Gallery.
Cellular Hexagons: the team will create all aspects of a computer controlled soft sculpture with multiple chambers that allow a continual metamorphosis of form. This Metamorphosis parallels the process of generation of life on the most fundamental level.
Inflatable Architecture Intervention: the team will create a specifically designed bodysuit, with integrated air controlled couplings. A series of inflatable fabric tubes, would literally plug into the artists performance. Participants will think critically about  robotic arts and question the connection between machine, performance and the human condition.

Chico MacMurtrie is one of the worlds leading artists using robotic technologies to create movable sculpture. MacMurtrie was born in New Mexico in 1961 and is the founder and Artistic Director of Amorphic Robot Works (AWR) based in New York City.  MacMurtrie formed ARW in 1991 as a collective of artists, engineers and technicians creating robotic performances and installations. Amorphic Robot Works has won international recognition for its interactive and computer-controlled human and abstract machines and environments. In response to both the logistic and artistic limitations inherent in the use of heavy, rigid materials in sculptural robotics, MacMurtrie has created a new generation of interactive, robotic work entitled The Inflatable Bodies. In place of the cumbersome metal found in standard robotics, these robotic performers arise from high – tensile, inflatable, fabric “skeletons” which are shapeless until inflated with air. The unusual mechanical ability to relax the bone of The Inflatable Bodies creates movements that conventional robotics cannot, and results in an unprecedented range of purposeful, flexible motion. The machines are capable of an astonishing natural elegance; moving and interacting with live performers and audience with a nearly proprioceptive self-awareness in an uncanny portrayal of qualities of a living system. Employing pioneering robotic and construction techniques, the inflatable body sculptures explore the parallels that exist between humans and machines, and the fascination with a machine’s ability to depict the most primal aspects of the human condition.


Video Pool Media Arts Centre is a nonprofit Artist-Run Centre dedicated to independent video, audio and computer integrated multimedia production, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Video Pool would like to acknowledge the support of our funders, especially: The Canada Council For The Arts: Visiting Foreign Artist Program; The University of Manitoba School of Art, Mary Reid, Al Poruchnyk and Paul Hess,  without which this exhibition would not be possible.

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Vilém Flusser’s and Marshall McLuhan’s Theories of Communication Revisited – International Conference

Vilém Flusser’s and Marshall McLuhan’s Theories of Communication Revisited" International Conference

“Vilém Flusser’s and Marshall McLuhan’s Theories of Communication Revisited” International Conference
May 31 & June 01, 2011
Cinematheque, 100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, MB

Video Pool Media Arts Centre in collaboration with the University of Manitoba, Department of English, Theatre and Film, organizes: “Vilém Flusser’s and Marshall McLuhan’s Theories of Communication Revisited”. This two-day, International Conference and Exhibition juxtaposes the unique legacies of the phenomenologically-based communication theorist Vilém Flusser, and the media prophet Marshal McLuhan whose play on language and media shaped today’s networked society by coining expressions such as “the medium is the message” and “the global village”. This project also builds off of a past conference ‘Marshall McLuhan Revisited’ organized by Video Pool twenty years ago (see documentation about the project from 1992). The 2012 project incorporates: a major international Conference (with a comprehensive publication), Exhibitions, Screenings and Performance. During this interdisciplinary conference, we will discuss Flusser’s and McLuhan’s ideas from different perspectives and traditions, with an emphasis on the philosophy of media to shed light on the dynamics of new-media today.

Speakers include:

Richard Cavell (Vancouver), Janine Marchessault (Toronto), Philip Pocock (Ottawa), Simone Mahrenholz (Winnipeg),  Arthur I. Miller (London), Jonah Corne (Winnipeg), Derrick de Kerckhove (Toronto) , Paul Majkut (California), Alberto José Luis Carrillo Canán (Puebla, Mexico), Steffi Winkler (Germany),  Roy Ascott (UK), Andreas Strohl, (Prague), Scott Billings (Vancouver), Barbara Rauch (Toronto) Dan Mellanphy, Monika Vrecar (Slovenia), Peter Schwenger (London, ON)


Being There by Lei Cox (UK), with new works by: Andrew Milne & Doug Smith (Manitoba)
Gurevich Fine Art
200, 62 Albert Street, Winnipeg, MB R3b 1E9
May 04-June 02, 2012

Ellice AgeMass Redux by Richard Altman (Manitoba)
Cinematheque Theature, 100 Arthur Street Winnipeg, MB
Performance on Thursday May 31, 2012 6:00pm-7:30pm

Dispergere Maiz by Manuel Chantre (Quebec);
Negative Space Gallery
253 Princess Street, Winnipeg, MB
May 31-June 14, 2012
Opening June 01, 2012, 8pm

Film Screening
McLuhans Wake
May 31, 7:30-9:00pm

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Perry Bard – Man With A Movie Camera: The Global Remake

Perry Bard Man With A Movie CameraVideo Pool Media Arts Centre, in collaboration with Ace Art Inc. presents:
Perry Bard “Man with a Movie Camera: The Global Remake”
Workshop with Perry Bard: February 01, 2012
Exhibition Dates: February 02-23, 2012

“Man with a Movie Camera: The Global Remake” is a participatory web and public video installation re-interpreting the original 1929 avant-guard documentary “Man With a Movie Camera” by Dziga Vertov. “The Global Remake” illuminates the capabilities of the internet to achieve global collaboration by encouraging culturally diverse participation. The piece includes footage shot by people around the world creating infinite possible versions of the film. As new videos stream online ( each contribution becomes part of a worldwide montage, in Vertov’s terms the “decoding of life as it is”.

Workshop with New York Based artist Perry Bard: Feburary 01, 2012
(to sign up contact Lindsey @ or 204.949.9134)
Join Perry Bard to learn about and discuss “Man with a Movie Camera: The Global Remake”, influenced and inspired by Dziga Vertov’s remarkable documentary “Man with a Movie Camera” from 1929. Bard will lead a two hour workshop touching upon Dziga Vertov’s documentary practice and Vertov in the age of YouTube.

Participants will record their own video footage interpreting the original script of Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera, and upload them to where software developed specifically for this project archives, sequences and streams the submissions as a film. The submissions uploaded will contribute a Winnipeg chapter to the world wide project. The screening of the uploaded work and full project will commence on Thursday. February 02 at the Opening Reception, 6pm at Ace Art Inc.


Perry Bard grew up in Quebec City and lives in New York. She works individually and collaboratively on interdisciplinary projects for public space. She has worked with community groups to address issues of media representation engineering site specific public video installations for the Staten Island Ferry Terminal Building in New York and for Market Square in Middlesbrough UK. Public interventions about the war in Iraq include a mobile truckside billboard traveling the streets of New York, magazine ads and coffee cup sleeves featuring artifacts missing from the Baghdad Museum. Her web and public space project Man With A Movie Camera: The Global Remake invites participation in a mashup of a 1929 film belonging to world cultural history. The award winning work has been has been named by Google one of the 106 most creative uses of the internet, is on Guggenheim Museum’s Youtube Play Biennials’ Top 25, won Honorary Mentions at Ars Electronica ’08, Liedts-Meesen Technological Award 2010, Transitio_MX 2011, was nominated at Transmediale 2009 and Share Festival 2010,has been installed in over 50 venues to date including the Montreal Biennial 2009, Toronto Film Festival 2010, Moscow International Film Festival 2009, IDFA 2009, File 2009 and has screened on public LED displays in Manchester, Leeds, Norwich and Sheffield UK, Federation Square Melbourne Australia, e4c Seattle U.S.A. She has given workshops and lectured about the project worldwide; her article When Film and Database Collide is published in the Video Vortex Reader II: Moving Images Beyond Youtube.

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