Sweet Dreams and Bitter Realities – DVD



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by Lawrence Lannoo and Phil Cholosky

Sweet Dreams and Bitter Realities presents the challenges and struggles endured by a Manitoba farming family as they helped establish a sugar industry in the province. Adiel Lannoo was an immigrant farmer who came to Canada dreaming of establishing his own farm. That dream led him to south Fort Garry, only two kilometers from the site of the Manitoba Sugar Company as it was beginning operations in 1940. The destinies of the farmer and the company were linked for the next thirty years of struggle and toil. Adiel would not live to see the prosperity harvested from the sugar crop by his sons, but that boom period would be cut short by a letter arriving one afternoon in 1974 from the City of Winnipeg.

The documentary included interviews with family and industry insiders, as well as movie footage of one of the last harvests by Adiel’s sons in the mid-1970’s.

Icelandic-Canadian Folkculture Reflections: a Manitoba Documentary – DVD

DVD.Trapsheet DVD

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by By Your Pants Media Productions (Tyrone Otte & Tristin Norenberg-Goodmanson)

Length: 1h 11m

In a collection of discussions with Manitoban Icelandic-Canadians, Tristin Norenberg-Goodmanson, B.Ph.Isl, sat down with a variety of individuals to speak about cultural history, folkculture traditions, identity, and folklore.  This seminal work examines a variety of topics including historical accounts of the immigration experience in Manitoba, cultural and artistic intellectual activities, music and festivals, cultural politics, language, fishing as tradition, and accounts of folklore stories. The film was shot in August 2015 with 24 personalities from a variety of backgrounds and occupations in Manitoba’s Interlake region (often referred to as ‘new Iceland’) and in the capital Winnipeg, and delves into the personal and professional historical and reflective narratives of what it means to be Icelandic in Manitoba. Includes special features on folklore stories and commentary from the producers. English and Icelandic with English subtitles.



  • Feature commentary from the film crew
  • “Johann Magnus Bjarnason” poem retold in Icelandic by Thora Palson
  • “Bukolla” folktale retold by Alicia Harms

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On the Bright Side of Down by Grant Guy

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A new book from one of Video Pool’s Founding Members!

On The Bright Side of Down by Grant Guy. He takes us on a road trip across the changing landscapes of time, styles and form. Grant takes us to the last stand of Johnny Ringo, to the back-road circuses and sideshows that pulled their wagons across the Great Plains and Prairies of the United States and Canada, and growing up in a small town where hopes are big, temptation out of reach and outcomes undetermined. The living, the dead and the inanimate get a chance to say their piece, sometimes deadpan and sometimes tongue- in-cheek, in this collection of writings of truths, half truths and lies. Reality. Legend. Myth.

Grant Guy is a Winnipeg writer, playwright, theatre director and designer, who has designed and directed productions across Canada. He has written a number of plays for his theatre company Adhere + Deny (1999-2014). His work on the idea of the Old West appeared in his monologues during the 1980s and ‘90s, reappearing in his unproduced play Westward Ho, which eventually was turned into the short story The Go-Devil. He continues to write short stories, poems and subjective travelogues on the Canadian and American Old/New West history and myths. Grant’s writings have been published widely and he has written responses to several art exhibits. In 2004 he was selected for the Manitoba Arts Council’s Award of Distinction.


Marshall McLuhan + Vilem Flusser’s Communication + Aesthetic Theories Revisited – Book

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Video Pool Media Arts Centre is proud to present the launch of the book MARSHALL MCLUHAN AND VILEM FLUSSER’S COMMUNICATION AND AESTHETIC THEORIES REVISITED. This scholarly book of academic analyses and artists’ position papers represents the proceedings of the international conference of the same name convened by Dr. Melentie Pandilovski in 2012. This book includes discussions McLuhan and Flusser’s influence on media and communication theory as it applies to contemporary and new media art, film, philosophy and politics, and this book would be of immediate interest to readers and researchers interestested in: distributed consciousness and telematics; cinema and causality; collective evolution; media and theology; digital culture; Occupy Wall Street and other political movements; cybernetics; contemporary technological art; the ideologies of clinical practice; asemic writing; institutional critique and many other topics.

BARBARA RAUCH: Antenna Methods
CLINT ENNS: Charting the Montage: The Roots of Algorithmic Cinema
DAN MELLAMPHY: Between Beckett and Bec: The Mètic Hexis and Flusserian Flux of Vampyroteuthis Abductionis
DAVID E. CARRILLO FUCHS and MARCO ANTONIO CALDERÓN ZACAULA: A Flusserian Approach to the Compound Visual Interface: the Limits of the Technical Image
Dr. MELENTIE PANDILOVSKI: The Shifting Platform of Media
MONIKA VREČAR: Art in the New Media Environment: Change versus Novelty
PAUL LEVINSON: Occupy Wall Street in the Global Village
PETER SCHWENGER: Asemic Writing: Backwards Into the Future
PROF. PHILLIP POCOCK: Vilém Flusser and Marshall McLuhan – Matrix and Wave: Toward a Quantum Theory of Media
POLONA TRATNIK: Observing – Knowing – Mediating: The Body as World to Explore
RICHARD CAVELL, Mechanical Brides and Vampire Squids
ROY ASCOTT: Flusser’s Dread and McLuhan’s Dream
SCOTT BILLINGS: Giacometti’s Foot: Automobility and Cinematic Causality
SIMONE MAHRENHOLZ “We Do Not Make Gestures, We are Gesticulations of the Environment” – Flusser’s Aesthetico-Logical Critique of Contemporary Epistemology
STEPHEN CROCKER: Sense and Common Sense in McLuhan
TOM KOHUT: Electronic.Technical.Digital: The Ontology of the Digital Image

Artists presented in the anthology: Richard Altman, Manuel Chantre, Lei Cox, Andrew Milne, Doug Smith.

Please join us for this celebration of the results of long effort, and have a toast to Video Pool’s first book-length publication!

For more information about purchasing a paper or electronic version of this book, please contact vpdist@videopool.org.

The Work of Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan – DVD

The Work of Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan - DVD

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Offering utopic feminist visions and poignant popular culture remixes, the work of Lorri Millan and Shawna Dempsey is a call to action. Oscillating between performance and film, Millan and Dempsey transform the cinema into a politicized viewing space, one in which the patriarchal constraints of traditional cinematic expression and reception are deconstructed. Rendering the invisible, visible, their work brings to light experiences and identities—always present but, by virtue of neglect or exclusion, obscured and pathologized: lesbian life, love, and friendship; women’s bodies and desires, their appetites, their contradictions, their power. This collection offers a selection Millan and Dempsey’s films—new historical accounts, social interventions, and cultural visions—that span their 25 year collaboration and engagement with Winnipeg’s tradition of independent cinema. Artists and activists, mentors and visionaries, Millan and Dempsey’s contributions to this tradition, and the community in which it resides, cannot be overstated.

The DVD features the following work available with curatorial essay by Catherine Bryan:

Good Citizen: Betty Baker (1996)
A Day in The Life of A Bull-Dyke (1995)
Vigilance (2015)
Homogeneity (1998)
We’re Talking Vulva (1990)
Calamity (2001)
Archaeology and You (2003)
Lesbian National Parks and Services: A Force of Nature (2002)

Super (2008)

DVD produced by the WNDX festival of Moving Image

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Indigenous Sovereignty, Environmental Thresholds: a Grassy Narrows Blockade Documentary

Indigenous Sovereignty, Environmental Thresholds: a Grassy Narrows Blockade Documentary

by Tyrone Otte
Available on DVD

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Consisting of 18 discussions with participants of the blockade originally shot in colour in summer 2003, it was released early 2004, re-released 2013, and is 132 minutes in length. This is one of two of the feature documentaries produced on the Grassy Narrows blockade, and it captures a broad range of insights into the issues associated with Indigenous sovereignty and environmental protection, encompassing interviews with elders, teachers, youth, defenders, and others. The blockade was set up in 2002 and is the longest-standing in Kanatian history. Some of the topics covered include the paper mill’s clearcutting practices and mercury poisoning of the English Wabigoon River systems, unconsulted – unassented – uncompensated resource extraction, difficulties encountered with the practices of the Canadian state, as well as the personal experiences and insight of the participants. Artistically composed, this work is engaging, informative, fascinating, of groundbreaking importance, and uniquely unparalelled.


The price of this DVD is for individual use, for public performance rights, libraries and institutions please contact vpdist@videopool.org for more information.

Look Beyond videos by Lansing Bruce Robertson

look beyond-cropped

Look Beyond is a compilation of video works by Lansing Bruce Robertson from 2007 to 2014!
Available on DVD or Blu-Ray!

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The disc includes:

  • Dino-Orange (how birds fly)  (2007)
  • Golden Age of the Virgin Microbe (2012)
  •  I Meet a Mermaid (2013)
  • This is Dynamation! (2013)
  • Ultra Monster Movie (2011)
  • Another Statement About Society ( 2014)
  • A Look Beyond (2014)
  • Bonus Material!

Learn more about Lansing Bruce Robertson on his tumblr & vimeo pages!

This compilation was made possible through a grant from Video Pool’s Wendy Geller Fund.

Minibloc – Book + CD

miniblock_pavedCatalogue of work done by Montreal based collaborative Minibloc, Terry Billings, Joel Carignan, Constantine Katsiris, Dallas Kruszelnicki, Tanjalee Kuhl & Jon Vaughn at PAVED Arts in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2012.

73 pages, colour illustrations
CD inserted inside back cover
ISBN 978-0-09689334-6-6

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30 Years of Video Pool – eBook

30 Years of Video Pool

launchwebsiteWith essays by: Daniel Barrow, Tom Kohut, Melentie Pandilovski, Alex Poruchnyk, Jenny Western
2013 marks Video Pool’s 30th Anniversary.  In June 2013 Video Pool commissioned four curated programs that looked back into the Video Pool Archive. Each curator gave us perspective on their choices and reflected on the last 30 years of Video Pool that are include in 30 Years of Video Pool.


The e-book is free to download.
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Audio Artists in Residence: Video Pool Comp. (1992-97) – CD

neumanmicrophone_11998, duration 63:00

Produced by John Coutanche, mastered by John Gurdebeke

Featuring Ken Gregory, T. R. Elliot, Murray Toews, Doug Harvey, Stephen Falk, Jay Taylor, Chris Marten, Marilyn Lerner, Queen Mab (Lerner & Lori Freedman), Michael Dumontier

In 1992, the Video Pool Audio Artist in Residence program was started in order to give artists a year’s opportunity to use Video Pool’s resources to explore ideas in sound and sound production. The 21 pieces presented here are the work of ten audio artists who have been through this program.

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1 . Ken Gregory . Hey Kids
2 . T. R. Elliot . quick, turtle
3 . Murray Toews . Obsessive (with night snakes)
4 . Murray Toews . Hidden Man
5 . Doug Harvey . Music for Airedales
6 . Stephen Falk with Ben Mitchell . Amscray
7 . T. R. Elliot . scatter
8 . John Coutanche . Fridge & Stove
9 . Jay Taylor . Walking Home Slowly at Night, Playing I Spy with Heironymous Bosch
10 . John Coutanche . Bridgework 1
11 . Stephen Falk . Layers of Walking
12 . Stephen Falk with Murray Toews . Heyyah
13 . Chris Marten . Gee Bwadun Tibikung
14 . John Coutanche . Bridgework 2
15 . T. R. Elliot . music for the swan-boat
16 . Murray Toews . Bum de Bum
17 . Marilyn Lerner . They’re all in Families
18 . Queen Mab (Lerner & Lori Freedman) . Barbie’s Other Shoe
19 . Michael Dumontier . Reading with Sensitive Fingers (Record Player and Fishing Line), part 1
20 . Michael Dumontier . Reading with Sensitive Fingers (Record Player and Fishing Line), part 2
21 . Michael Dumontier . Reading with Sensitive Fingers (Record Player and Fishing Line), part 3