Curators of the 2017 Online Screenings

Meet the Curators of the 2017 Online Screenings

Jessica Murwin-januaryJessica Murwin

January 2017

Jessica Murwin is an independent filmmaker and programmer based in Montreal, Quebec. Her focus is championing stories about and by women, First nations and LGBTQAI+ peoples in the hopes of reclaiming narratives from white-cis-hetero-patriarchy. She would love to meet your pets.







Madeline Jantz- marchMaddy Jantz

March 2017

My name is Maddy Jantz and I’m a student of sociology, musician and aspiring filmmaker. I’ve lived in Winnipeg my whole life, and am just beginning to step into the marvellous film scene that shines so brightly in our city. While choosing the pieces for this year’s International Women’s Day online screening, I saw it as crucial to choose pieces that would help us reflect on our world’s current state, as well as on our individual reactions and our shared humanity.







mariana headshot-JuneMariana Muñoz Gomez

July 2017

Mariana Muñoz Gomez is an artist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is interested in addressing issues of identity, language, and otherness in her work, particularly as they relate to marginalization in the West.






Yasmin Nurming-Por-Septebmer

Yasmin Nurming-Por

September 2017

Yasmin Nurming-Por (b.1989) is a curator, writer and educator from Toronto, ON, based in Banff, AB. Previous curatorial projects include Blind White (2015), At Sea (2015), andARCTICNOISE(2015). Her writing has appeared in Drain Magazine, esse, Inuit Art Quarterly,, and c magazine. In 2015-2016 she was a instructor of Art History and Media Writing at Humber College in Toronto. Yasmin holds an M.A. in Art History from the University of Toronto (2013), and is currently the Curatorial Research Practicum at the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre.



Noor Banghu- NovemberNoor Bhangu

November 2017

Harnoor Bhangu holds a BA in History of Art from the University of Winnipeg, where she is currently working on her MA in Cultural Studies: Curatorial Practices. She focuses primarily on South Asian, Central Asian and Middle-Eastern artists who interrogate gender, religion and diaspora in their work. In her recent work, she has begun to look critically at the ways in which marginalized bodies take up or contest spaces online.



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