Dinka Pignon – Exhibition and Artist in Residence – August 2017

Video Pool Media Arts Centre is excited to have sculptural projection artist Dinka Pignon in Residence from August 15 – 30, developing her new work, Game Over. Dinka will also be exhibiting Pool in Poolside Gallery which will be open for the Lost in Artsp_ace event on Thursday August 24 and will run through September 8, 2017. This project is made possible through the direct support of the Winnipeg Foundation and through the ongoing support of our funders, donors and volunteers.


Artist Presentation and reception: Tuesday August 29, 7pm, 2017

Gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5 pm.














Dinka Pignonis an interdisciplinary media artist working with spatial video installation and performance art. Her experimental practice is characterized by a strong affinity for the phenomenal, liminal, conceptual and minimal. Her work is situated in the field of ‘mixed reality’, operating on the borderline between the real and the virtual. Her installations involve large-scale video projections that reshape the architecture of the space and create illusionary effects over objects. The installations become virtual environments for performance, often inviting audience participation. Over the last 30 years Pignon has produced a large body of work that has exhibited internationally. Parallel to her own practice she has coordinated and curated interdisciplinary art events, festivals, experimental workshops and international art exchange programs. Devoted to artist-run culture she has spent most of her working life in artist-run centers: 15 years at the Fylkingen for New Music & Intermedia Art in Stockholm and 10 years at VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver.

Check out some of Dinka’s past work here:

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