Distribute With Us

Submitting your work for Video Pool Distribution is easy!
Just send a preview copy to Distribution Coordinator Jen Smith.


In person or by mail:
Unit 221, 100 Arthur St.
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3B 1H3 Canada.

Previews can be DVD, Blu-Ray, CD, Video File (.mov or .mp4), Audio File (.wav, .aiff or .mp3) or online link. Our Distribution Coordinator will review your work and contact you with a decision.

If your work is selected for distribution with Video Pool, there are a few steps to follow in creating the package we need to help get your work out there:

1. A signed contract
2. A signed and completed ‘Schedule A’, which lists the particular works you are submitting, their length, the date of creation, and deposited format (Schedule A is attached to contract document);
4. An artist biography;
5. Apple ProRes full resolution .mov file for video submissions, Uncompressed .wav or .aiff file for audio submissions;
6. A 50-word (+/-) synopsis; and
7. A high-res artist photo
8. 3 high-res stills (for video submissions)
9. You must be a current Video Pool member

Once you have completed this package, please contact the Distribution Coordinator, Jen Smith (e: vpdist@videopool.org / t: 204-949-9134 xt 4) to make an appointment to bring your package to Video Pool’s distribution department, which is on the second floor at 100 Albert St. Please do not bring a partial package, as we require the full package in order to properly assist you. The contract and Schedule A will be signed by the Distribution Coordinator, and a copy mailed to you for your records.

Please note that to be eligible for distribution you must be the primary creator/copyright owner of the work. Works containing uncleared music or image appropriation will be accepted provided these exceptions are declared on the Schedule A.