Exploring Video Feedback with Colby Richardson

Audio feedback occurs when a microphone picks up sound from the speaker it is connected to. Similarly, video feedback occurs when a camera is pointed at its own live feed. Both of these phenomena are often considered mistakes and avoided by professionals. But just as musicians and sound artists control and manipulate audio feedback as a tool to create compositions, video feedback can be controlled and manipulated to create a large variety of effects, and has been utilized in iconic and lesser known productions alike.

During this workshop, we will be exploring the interdisciplinary applications of video feedback within the contexts of filmmaking, video art, performance, visual effects, interactive installations, and more. The workshop will include hands-on experimentation with manipulating video feedback to explore the variety of effects and applications achievable, as well as visiting the history of video feedback in pop culture, art, television, and cinema.

All disciplines welcomed, no previous experience necessary.


videofeedbackDates: Friday, April 7th, 2017 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Fees: $40 member / $60 non-member

Location: Video Pool Studio (300 – 100 Arthur St.)

Limit: 8 Participants

Instructor: Colby Richardson

About the instructor: Colby Richardson is a video artist and filmmaker currently living in Winnipeg MB. As a video artist, Colby utilizes historic video technologies and equipment to create dynamic and textural visual works, video sculptures, and installations. Colby is currently a recipient of Video Pool’s New Artist in Media Art fund, and is experimenting with methods of creating visual effects and virtual experiences with outdated and “obsolete” technology.

For more information: Please contact the Education Coordinator at  vped@videopool.org

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