Icelandic-Canadian Folkculture Reflections: a Manitoba Documentary – DVD

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by By Your Pants Media Productions (Tyrone Otte & Tristin Norenberg-Goodmanson)

Length: 1h 11m

In a collection of discussions with Manitoban Icelandic-Canadians, Tristin Norenberg-Goodmanson, B.Ph.Isl, sat down with a variety of individuals to speak about cultural history, folkculture traditions, identity, and folklore.  This seminal work examines a variety of topics including historical accounts of the immigration experience in Manitoba, cultural and artistic intellectual activities, music and festivals, cultural politics, language, fishing as tradition, and accounts of folklore stories. The film was shot in August 2015 with 24 personalities from a variety of backgrounds and occupations in Manitoba’s Interlake region (often referred to as ‘new Iceland’) and in the capital Winnipeg, and delves into the personal and professional historical and reflective narratives of what it means to be Icelandic in Manitoba. Includes special features on folklore stories and commentary from the producers. English and Icelandic with English subtitles.



  • Feature commentary from the film crew
  • “Johann Magnus Bjarnason” poem retold in Icelandic by Thora Palson
  • “Bukolla” folktale retold by Alicia Harms

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