Kelly Ruth – pH: Measurement of Success

pH: MepH_Work in progress 09:08:17asurement of Success ::: Kelly Ruth


Exhibition: October 6 – 28 2017
Artist Presentation: Friday October 6: 6pm
Reception: Friday October 6: 7 pm
Gallery hours: Wed – Sat 12 – 5 closed long weekends
Poolside Gallery is located on the 2nd flr of Artspace Building 100 Arthur st Winnipeg MB

This exhibition is an adjunct presentation with send+receive: a festival of sound on from October 12 – 15 2017. Please visit here for more information:


pH: Measurement of Success:

As an artist I am concerned with the interplay between class, economics and environmental collapse. Specifically our relationship to freedom and our submissions to the controls over our time while the environmental casualties pile up around us.

Since the time of the Industrial Revolution our modes of labour and production have radically transformed the way we relate as humans, to each other and the land. In response to the capitalist model we are living in, I think it is of critical importance to observe the differences between competition and mutual aid as it relates to the organization of societies while considering ourselves in community with the natural world. Working primarily in fibre, new media, (natural and synthetic) and sound I am considering our place in history and our possible future trajectories.

pH: Measurement of Success is an interactive sound and light installation which uses conductive thread for circuits which are hand woven into cloth. At the heart of the installation is a hand woven cloth, dyed using plants, which represents the coral reef. Additionally a sound composition for the piece is designed in many parts and is affected by the presence of humans within the space.



This program is part of the send+receive festival of sound, V19.






Kelly Ruth is a Textile/New Media artist who has been activating her textiles and tools through using electronics, sound, and integrating microcontrollers into the foundations of her woven cloth. She has created several bodies of work using fibre, dyeing with plants and weaving, recognizing these as early technologies and ethnographic relationships that humans have had with the land. In her work she is primarily concerned with the interplay between class, economics and ecology. In her live sound performances she uses contact microphones on her weaving loom collecting and manipulating the sounds through pedals and effects. Kelly has a background as a textile dyer/painter for dance, theatre and film companies across Canada. She is also a garment industry activist and models her manufacturing ideals through running her small business as an artisan garment and woven jewelry designer. She is a recent graduate of the Foundation Mentorship Program at Mentoring Artists For Women’s Art, a recipient of Video Pool’s New Artist in New Media Arts fund, and has been awarded several grants from the Winnipeg Arts Council and Manitoba Arts Council.

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