Creative Interfacing with Lasers

This workshop will teach you how to connect popular creative real-time media
environments, such as Pd and Processing, and open-source software in
general, to a simple, commercial laser-scanner. It will cover basic
laser-scanner operation, it’s overall limitations and capabilities, focusing on the use of a computer to control the laser-scanner in
real-time. This will take the form of collaboratively creating a computer integrated
laser-show, to be presented with our presenting partner, Winnipeg Art Gallery, during Nuit Blanche.

See the video at the bottom of this post for an example of Matt’s laser projection work.

Dates: Tuesday, Sept 26 and Wednesday, Sept 27, 2017  (6pm-9pm)

Fees: $60 member / $80 non-member

Location: Video Pool Studio (300 – 100 Arthur St.)

Limit: 8 Participants


Instructor: Matt Smith

About the Instructor:

Matt Smith has been involved in media arts since the 1990s. While
working for the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria he co-founded
the loose collective of technicians and artists, FirstFloor Electronix
in 1995. Since arriving in Vancouver in 1998, he has collaborated in a
wide variety of art projects as an artist and/or technician. Between
2002 and 2007 he also co-hosted the highly experimental
FirstFlooRadioshow on CITR in Vancouver, and produced sound-art and
radio shows for international broadcast. Personal milestones are the
founding and operation of the Artist Run Limousine between 2002-2005,
which spawned a series of international productions of “Audiomobile”
between 2003-2009. As a member of the Second Site Collective, Matt
created a environmental sound piece, also using his remote-sensing
software, at Sun Yat Sen Garden spring of 2013. In 2013 a solo-show at
CSA in Vancouver featured photography related works from 2008 to 2013.

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