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Grant-Writing for Media Artists with Bev Pike

This workshop will review everything you need to know about putting together, writing and submitting a grant.  In addition to outlining the Who, What and Why of your project, your application needs to pitch your story in the right way to the panel of jurors.  Hear some insight into how a jury makes its decision on grant applications and learn tips for how to make your application convincing.

Come prepared to begin drafting your own grant applications.  You will receive individual and group support from our facilitator, Bev Pike.  Pens and paper will be available.

Stack of white papers


Dates: Tuesday, May 16th (6pm-9pm)

Fees: $25 member / $35 non-member

Location: Video Pool Studio (300 – 100 Arthur St.)

Limit: 15 Participants

Instructor: Bev Pike

About the instructor:

Bev Pike has raised millions of dollars in art funding as a grant writer for artists and organizations since 1984. She as written project and operating grants for large and small organizations. As an artist, she has received senior arts grants from the Winnipeg Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council and Canada Council. Pike is known for her large-scale land-form paintings, her videos and her artist-books that have been shown across Canada in solo and group exhibitions. Her works are held in the Tate Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England as well as in public and private collections across North America. Pike’s current artistic research includes performative landscape, underground shell grottoes and other Baroque spectacles.

  • To sign up: call 204-949-9134 ext. 1 or visit our production facilities at unit 300, 100 Arthur St. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • For more information: Please contact the Education Coordinator at  vped@videopool.org

Camera Fundamentals Workshop with Wendy Buelow

Over this two evening workshop we will be working with Video Pool’s Sony HD cameras such the Sony FS700, FS100, NEX EA50 as well as an introduction to the 4K PXW FS7. Participants will learn to use the manual settings of these cameras, gaining greater control to produce video of the highest quality.  We’ll be learning about exposure, white balance, gain control, shutter settings, audio settings, lighting situations, zebra stripes and more! There will be plenty of hands-on practice during this workshop, and we’ll also be discussing how to manage the media after a shoot.



Dates: Tuesday, May 9th and Wednesday, May 10th (6pm-9pm)

Fees: $70 member / $90 non-member

Location: Video Pool Studio (300 – 100 Arthur St.)

Limit: 6 Participants

Instructor: Wendy Buelow



About the instructor:

Wendy Buelow has been a camera operator and editor at CBC News in Winnipeg for many years and has worked on numerous documentaries and television shows.

  • To sign up: call 204-949-9134 ext. 1 or visit our production facilities at unit 300, 100 Arthur St. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • For more information: Please contact the Education Coordinator at  vped@videopool.org


Video Pool Plant Sale Fundraiser

Please join us for the 3rd Annual Video Pool Plant Sale Fundraiser at 100 Arthur Street, Main Floor and Second Floor.

May 12 | 4:00pm – 6:00pm
May 13 | 11:00am – 4:00pm

We will have fruit plants, veggie plants, squash plants, house plants, cactus, succulents, terrariums, and functional plant art made by Michael Lucenkiuw and Andy Rudolph!

Alison Davis will be teaching a mini stop-motion animation workshop. For $5 you can make a 10 second stop-motion video with plants!

Along with the sale you can join us in Video Pool Media Arts Centre’s new PoolSide Gallery, on the 2nd floor of the Artspace building, for a vegetation and growth based exhibit called Seeded. With work by Terry Billings (SK), Ken Gregory (MB), Colby Richardson (MB).

On May 12th stay into the evening for grand opening of our brand new PoolSide Gallery, on the 2nd floor of the Artspace building, starting at 7pm.

We are still accepting donations for plants, soil and plant clippings, please contact Jen at vpdist@videopool.org if you have something to donate.

Poolside Gallery Campaign

Help Video Pool Media Arts Centre create Winnipeg’s first media art gallery!



For 35 years Video Pool (VP) has been leading the way in video production, robotics, sound/video installation and interactive platforms. From exhibitions of international works to providing technical support and grants to local artists, we continue to evolve in the ever-changing media arts world.

Please help us in the development of VP’s first permanent gallery space, POOLSIDE GALLERY, by making a contribution today!

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org! Faire un don maintenant par CanadaHelps.org!


The POOLSIDE Media Art Gallery will be Winnipeg’s only gallery dedicated to contemporary media arts practices. It will provide local and visiting artists a place to showcase their work in a physical space.
Located on the second floor of the ArtSpace building, POOLSIDE will be an important catalyst in the development of Manitoba’s media artists and will act as a social hub for community engagement, critical reflection and learning.
The name POOLSIDE comes from a publication created and developed at Video Pool Media Arts Centre from 1989-2009. Each book was a resource for artists, curators and historians and provided an opportunity for video and media artists to have their works highlighted. We are excited to turn that celebrated publication into a physical place where the audience can enjoy a more personal experience with the art.


How Will It Work?

POOLSIDE Gallery will provide a platform for the research and dissemination of exploratory practices in media art installations and events, and will act as an extension of Video Pool’s current facilities (Flex Studio, 5.1 Surround Suite, Tracking Studio, Isolation Booth, Electronics Lab, Temperature Controlled Archive).


POOLSIDE will be made available to media artists to develop, disseminate and document media art installations and performances and host workshops for presenting artists to share information on the process and technologies that illustrate their curriculum.


How Will We Program the Gallery?

Curated Exhibition and Education Programs:

VP will invite local, national and international artists to exhibit their work at POOLSIDE, offering specific, related education programs by high profile artists and technicians. Local artists will be able to learn techniques and approaches from the creators who have developed each exhibit.

Curated Screenings, Events and Exhibitions from the Archive:

With the 2200 titles dating back more than 35 years, VP will host screenings designed to celebrate the work of our members and provide a platform for discussion of historical and contemporary work.

Member Events and Exhibitions:

VP Members will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the gallery at public events. These will also act as community events to bring together members and create a better understanding of our local creative economy.

Community Collaborations:

VP will partner with other organizations in the community to develop partnerships in programming, providing an opportunity for festivals and other organizations to expand their repertoire and extend their reach to new and diverse audiences.

How Can I Help?

Helping out is EASY!

Just click the above “Donate Now” button, or stop by Video Pool with a Cheque, Cash, Debit or Credit Card!

All donors will be recognized on the POOLSIDE Gallery donor wall, on our website, and in the annual report.

Tax receipts will be provided upon request for donations greater than $25.




Sweet Dreams and Bitter Realities – DVD



Price: $15

Shipping $4

by Lawrence Lannoo and Phil Cholosky

Sweet Dreams and Bitter Realities presents the challenges and struggles endured by a Manitoba farming family as they helped establish a sugar industry in the province. Adiel Lannoo was an immigrant farmer who came to Canada dreaming of establishing his own farm. That dream led him to south Fort Garry, only two kilometers from the site of the Manitoba Sugar Company as it was beginning operations in 1940. The destinies of the farmer and the company were linked for the next thirty years of struggle and toil. Adiel would not live to see the prosperity harvested from the sugar crop by his sons, but that boom period would be cut short by a letter arriving ine afternoon in 1974 from the City of Winnipeg.

The documentary included interviews with family and industry insiders, as well as movie footage of one of the last harvests by Adiel’s sons in the mid-1970’s.

Intro to Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut Pro X is a revolutionary video editing application that makes it possible for beginners and seasoned professionals to achieve stunning results. This two-evening, hands-on workshop teaches students to perform basic editing functions while becoming familiar with the user interface. Start with basic video editing techniques and learn the practical techniques used daily in editing projects. If you’re new to editing video or are thinking of making the switch to FCPX from FCP7 or Premier, this is the workshop for you!

The workshop will focus on areas such as file management, taming the magnetic timeline, basic editing tools, filters and effects and so much more.

  • Dates: Friday April 28 & Saturday April 29 (7pm – 10pm)
  • Cost: $60 (Video Pool Members) / $90 (non-members)
  • Location: Video Pool Studio (300 – 100 Arthur St.)
  • Instructor: Ivan Hughes
  • To sign up: call 204-949-9134 ext. 1 or visit our production facilities at unit 300, 100 Arthur St. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • For more information: Please contact the Education Coordinator at  vped@videopool.org


Audio Post-Production Crash Course

Designed for independent filmmakers and videographers, this workshop will teach the basics of editing, mixing, and sound-design in software such as Logic X, Pro Tools, etc. We will cover exporting your project from Adobe Premier and FCPX to .omf/.aaf formats, how to source royalty-free effects, noise-reduction and a ton of other very useful information to bring you film or video to the next level. Whether you plan to do your own audio post or just want to have a better understanding of how things work when you work with audio engineers this workshop is a must for everyone making movies.

  • mixing-consoleDate: Sat. April 22nd 1pm – 5pm
  • Fee: $60/mem | $80/non
  • Instructor: Andy Rudolph
  • Participants: 8 maximum


Andy Rudolph is obsessed with sound. His work spans nearly all facets of audio creation including: musical composition, performance, interactive installations, audio engineering, post-production and most points in between. He has performed and exhibited around the world, garnering impressive reviews. He also serves as Video Pool’s Audio Tech & Education Coordinator and teaches a Digital Art class at Art City.

  • To sign up: call 204-949-9134 ext. 1 or visit our production facilities at unit 300, 100 Arthur St. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • For more information: Please contact the Education Coordinator at  vped@videopool.org

Icelandic-Canadian Folkculture Reflections: a Manitoba Documentary – DVD

DVD.Trapsheet DVD

Price: $25

Shipping $4


by By Your Pants Media Productions (Tyrone Otte & Tristin Norenberg-Goodmanson)

Length: 1h 11m

In a collection of discussions with Manitoban Icelandic-Canadians, Tristin Norenberg-Goodmanson, B.Ph.Isl, sat down with a variety of individuals to speak about cultural history, folkculture traditions, identity, and folklore.  This seminal work examines a variety of topics including historical accounts of the immigration experience in Manitoba, cultural and artistic intellectual activities, music and festivals, cultural politics, language, fishing as tradition, and accounts of folklore stories. The film was shot in August 2015 with 24 personalities from a variety of backgrounds and occupations in Manitoba’s Interlake region (often referred to as ‘new Iceland’) and in the capital Winnipeg, and delves into the personal and professional historical and reflective narratives of what it means to be Icelandic in Manitoba. Includes special features on folklore stories and commentary from the producers. English and Icelandic with English subtitles.



  • Feature commentary from the film crew
  • “Johann Magnus Bjarnason” poem retold in Icelandic by Thora Palson
  • “Bukolla” folktale retold by Alicia Harms

For educational sales please contact vpdist@videopool.org or 204-949-9134 x.4

International Women’s Day Online Screening

International Women’s Day Online Screening

Curated by Maddy Jantz

Armour for Living by Hope Peterson

1987 | 1:50

The Common Handbag: it contains the only survival equipment carried by many women.  Is it a useless burden, or a vital accessory?  This short story plunges into the woman’s “tool box”.


Missed the online screening? Watch Armour for Living on VUCAVU.com now!

Isolating Landscapes by Heidi Phillips

2007 | 5:00

Isolating Landscapes is a short experimental film which includes found footage of landscapes, sailboats, and people washing in water. Thematically, the work seeks to describe detachment and loneliness.


Missed the online screening? Watch Isolating Landscapes on VUCAVU.com now!

Étoiles by Caroline Blais

2013 | 2:45

Meteors and lunar rocks seen through a microscope slowly morph into an interstellar landscape.

Des météorites et de roches lunaires vues à travers un microscope se transforment en un paysage interstellaire.


Missed the online screening? Watch Étoiles on VUCAVU.com now!

Notes from the curator:

My name is Maddy Jantz and I’m a student of sociology, musician and aspiring filmmaker. I’ve lived in Winnipeg my whole life, and am just beginning to step into the marvellous film scene that shines so brightly in our city. While choosing the pieces for this year’s International Women’s Day online screening, I saw it as crucial to choose pieces that would help us reflect on our world’s current state, as well as on our individual reactions and our shared humanity.

The world has taken us down a strange path— one where sexism, racism and environmental disregard dominates and continues to persist. Many have risen up and fought for a more compassionate world, but despite this, we have found ourselves in a time where a man who embodies these exploitative ways runs the most powerful country in the world.

Marginalized groups have felt the weight of this exploitation since its inception— its deep roots are not easily ignored. For groups at the intersections of marginalities, this weight is even heavier. But never in modern times has our collective reality been so blatantly dismal.

In these turbulent times, the creation and appreciation of storytelling is increasingly important. Not only can rich stories restore our spirits, they may also offer us direction on how to reflect upon and express our inner turmoil. I hope that the specks of humanity within these stories resonate with you.

As the increasingly common protest chant goes, “people gonna rise like the water, gonna calm this crisis down.” We have risen in the past, both distant and recent, and we will continue to rise.  With chaos comes movement, and with movement, an opportunity for change. Its up to us to make the change a positive one.

Enjoy the Videos? Consider a donation to our Tape Archive!

Video Pool’s online screenings are made possible through the financial and volunteer support of individuals and organizations that contribute to the preservation and restoration of the 2200 titles in our archive. Your donation will directly support the preservation activities of more than 34 years of video making in Winnipeg, the Prairies and Canada, and will ensure Manitoba Video Art remains a significant part of the International dialogue.

Exploring Video Feedback with Colby Richardson

Audio feedback occurs when a microphone picks up sound from the speaker it is connected to. Similarly, video feedback occurs when a camera is pointed at its own live feed. Both of these phenomena are often considered mistakes and avoided by professionals. But just as musicians and sound artists control and manipulate audio feedback as a tool to create compositions, video feedback can be controlled and manipulated to create a large variety of effects, and has been utilized in iconic and lesser known productions alike.

During this workshop, we will be exploring the interdisciplinary applications of video feedback within the contexts of filmmaking, video art, performance, visual effects, interactive installations, and more. The workshop will include hands-on experimentation with manipulating video feedback to explore the variety of effects and applications achievable, as well as visiting the history of video feedback in pop culture, art, television, and cinema.

All disciplines welcomed, no previous experience necessary.


videofeedbackDates: Friday, April 7th, 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Fees: $40 member / $60 non-member

Location: Video Pool Studio (300 – 100 Arthur St.)

Limit: 8 Participants

Instructor: Colby Richardson

About the instructor: Colby Richardson is a video artist and filmmaker currently living in Winnipeg MB. As a video artist, Colby utilizes historic video technologies and equipment to create dynamic and textural visual works, video sculptures, and installations. Colby is currently a recipient of Video Pool’s New Artist in Media Art fund, and is experimenting with methods of creating visual effects and virtual experiences with outdated and “obsolete” technology.

For more information: Please contact the Education Coordinator at  vped@videopool.org