Administrative Staff

Executive Director: Emma Hendrix
tel. (204) 949-9134, ext. 7
e-mail: vpdirector[at]

Bookkeeper: Kari-Ann Leathwood
tel. (204) 949-9134, ext. 5
e-mail: vpaccount[at]

Distribution Department Staff

To rent and purchase artwork for screenings or inquire about distributing your work, contact:

Distribution Manager: Jennifer Smith
tel. (204) 949-9134, ext. 4
e-mail: vpdist[at]

Outreach & Education Department Staff

To sign up for or inquire about workshops or to get information on our funds, contact:

Education Manager: Andy Rudolph
e-mail: vped[at]

Technical Department Staff

For inquires regarding renting, pricing, availability of equipment or facilites contact:
*Please note that we do not take reservations by email.  To reserve equipment or facilities please telephone.*

Technical Manager: Rick Fisher
tel. (204) 949-9134, ext. 1
e-mail: vptech[at]

Technical Associate: Kelsey Braun & Heidi Phillips
tel. (204) 949-9134, ext. 1
e-mail: vptech3[at]