Sweet Dreams and Bitter Realities – DVD



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by Lawrence Lannoo and Phil Cholosky

Sweet Dreams and Bitter Realities presents the challenges and struggles endured by a Manitoba farming family as they helped establish a sugar industry in the province. Adiel Lannoo was an immigrant farmer who came to Canada dreaming of establishing his own farm. That dream led him to south Fort Garry, only two kilometers from the site of the Manitoba Sugar Company as it was beginning operations in 1940. The destinies of the farmer and the company were linked for the next thirty years of struggle and toil. Adiel would not live to see the prosperity harvested from the sugar crop by his sons, but that boom period would be cut short by a letter arriving one afternoon in 1974 from the City of Winnipeg.

The documentary included interviews with family and industry insiders, as well as movie footage of one of the last harvests by Adiel’s sons in the mid-1970’s.

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