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Exiled Mothers by Sharon Alward

98:00 | 2015

In the stories of adoption, the mothers who gave birth were invisible. Exiled Mothers takes us on the artist Sharon Alward’s journey to recover her own repressed, secret, shaming memories from relinquishing her daughter in 1971. As she examines the social construction of relinquishment, adoption, and motherhood during the Baby Scoop Era we are introduced to many other Canadian mothers, who as young women—caught between love for their children and a social snare that demanded surrender—shared the same experience as Sharon that takes a lifetime to resolve. More than a film about adoption and loss, we witness an important period in the history of Western women as we emerge from the fog of a time when the judgment of so many, willfully separated masses of mothers from their children.

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Shallow Deep by Tracy Peters

2:02 | 2016

Shallow Deep is a visceral exploration of emotive landscapes, in which Peters alters her breathing to correspond with the fluctuating water levels of a stone beach.


Convolve by Colby Richardson

3:20 | 2016

A frantic and hypnotic journey through the pages of Greg Bright’s Fontana Mazes. Utilizing single frame animation, prisms, warped mirrors, and water to further distort the already convoluted path of the labyrinth.  Shot with in-camera edits on Super 8, the score is generated by a video feed of the film which is directly translated into an audio signal.


We R the World/Mold by Dawn George

6:45 | 2016

Up close, mold is an intricate mass of branching filaments and delicate fruiting bodies creating a colourful connected web.  When viewed from a distance, mold loses its complexities and a more destructive nature is realized… much like the world we live in.


Old West Lodge by Heidi Phillips

16:19 | 2015

Set amidst the snowdrifts of a desolate prairie winter, a weather-beaten lodge provides refuge for a disparate group of locals and travelers. Unlikely bonds form as each individual finds a way to move past isolation, freeing the lodge — and themselves — of the memories that haunt them.


Trembling Like a Leaf in the Wind by Susan Turner

4:24 | 2016

The artist experiences the last moments of her mother’s life. – Susan Turner is a Canadian artist. She works with the concepts of transparency, connection, and mutability. She focuses on the emotive interaction between tactility and memory. She will often include spoken language in her videos and text in her still images.


Beating a Dead Horse by Nigel Webber

1:24 | 2016

Product placement is nothing new in entertainment. One item has become increasingly commonplace in contemporary rap and popular music videos and due to it’s nature as a speaker allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the world of the video. “Beating A Dead Horse” takes that immersion to the experimental film realm by using found footage of music videos by popular artists to immerse the viewer in a concentrated blast of the usually discreet and unnoticed product placement. The found footage acts to visually illustrate the hyper-commercialism of modern day capitalism juxtaposed against the soundtrack, from a recognizable film, decrying the perils becoming a slave to one’s own mind. Ultimately the film ends with a choice; either way you have to swallow the pill, just depends how bitter it will be.

webber-Beating a Dead HorseA

All the Pear by Nigel Webber

0:51 | 2015

When you’re rich forever it’s easy to think you’ve been walking on air the whole time. In order to not live fast and die young, you need a little fruit in your diet. You don’t even know how much unhealthy food may back up your system, until you’ve felt the restorative power of pears. What a shame if you let your health slip away, don’t let it be another lost triple beam dream. Shout out all the pear.

webber-All the pearB

Two Poems (loop) by Jaz Papadopoulos

5:05 | 2016

A short video using time-based poetry and collage to explore a grief that is both individual and collective – one person’s experience of gender-based violence in urban Canada. Partially inspired by the article

papadopoulos-two poems (loop)B

The Art Video by Jaz Papadopoulos

1:31 | 2016

An emerging videographer’s attempts to capture the romance of a summer fling.