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Table Dance by Lindsay Arnold

2017 | 3:13

Reminiscent of small town socials, Table Dance is a celebration of the handwork produced by women during the mid to late 20th century. Over 160 doilies take to the dance floor, throwing off their matronly reputations to prove age is no barrier to having a good time.   



Bidding War by Ivana Dizdar & Alvin Luong

2017 | 14:34

1345 Morningside Avenue, a Scarborough strip mall, has been listed for sale. Two parties are bidding for the property, eager to transform the existing units into a single large-scale business. The bidders are Luong Coyota & Lynxus, a booming car dealership established by business mogul Alvin Luong, and Dizdar Projects, a commercial gallery founded by Canadian gallerist, art dealer, and magnate Ivana Dizdar.

Bidding War, a research-based and site-specific exhibition, comprises photography, sculpture, and a performative two-channel video as its centrepiece. The video follows the rivalry between Luong and Dizdar, detailing the bidding process as well as their corporate ambitions, professional fields, and personal lives. The video also features the individuals’ assistants, Luong’s secretary and Dizdar’s unpaid intern, who have their own stakes, plans, and motivations within the bidding war.

Drawing from disparate styles and genres, such as corporate videos, camp, documentary, and science fiction, the artists have taken real estate, gentrification, and spatial politics in the GTA as points of departure in creating a humorous meditation on cars, art, institutions, consumerism, class, capitalism, and labour.

Winner of the OCAD University Off Screen Award at the Images Festival.



Fiddling Neurons by Lesley Nakonechny

2017 | 2:14

Fiddling Neurons tells the artist’s experience with seeing her grandfather struggle with and eventually succumb to Alzheimer’s disease. Nakonechny watched his memory and identity deteriorate, but he would occasionally come alive again with playing music. This fueled the desire to understand how the illness manifests itself, and what stories it represents.

nakonechny-Fiddling NeuronsA


See Weeds by Dawn George

2017 | 3:20

An examination of three weeds – dandelion, coltsfoot, and goldenrod and each weed’s direct effects on film stock via hand-processing with eco-processing techniques.  The film reveals not only the visual characteristic of each plant but also of filmic qualities that each plant imparts on the film stock.

georgeD-See Weeds


Pepo by Joel Penner

2016 | 4:57

Pepo is an imaginative exploration of the beauty found as zucchini and squash foliage and flowers desiccate on computer scanners.



Death and Taxes Make a Baby by Lansing Bruce Robertson

2017 | 6:17

Experimentally animated rhapsody of life, death, america and other inconsequential things.

robertson-Death and Taxes Make a BabyC


Kami by James Dixon

2017 | 4:50

A short documentary that details the creative and physical process of Winnipeg artist Kami Goertz.


what a feeling by Stacey Abramson

2016 | 5:39

The act of creating work is often seen as magical and sacred. The realities of diving into the process are anything but.

abramson_what a feelingB


Going with the Flow by Winona Bearshield & Jaylene Wood

This collaborative work was made by Jaylene and Winona along with their mentor Jackie Traverse as an experimentation for their first film.  It was inspired by the city of Winnipeg and what surrounds them here, including pizza, indigenous artists, and Video Pool. Going with the Flow was created during the 2016 Video Pool Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program.

BearshieldWood-Going with the Flow


Exiled Mothers by Sharon Alward

98:00 | 2015

In the stories of adoption, the mothers who gave birth were invisible. Exiled Mothers takes us on the artist Sharon Alward’s journey to recover her own repressed, secret, shaming memories from relinquishing her daughter in 1971. As she examines the social construction of relinquishment, adoption, and motherhood during the Baby Scoop Era we are introduced to many other Canadian mothers, who as young women—caught between love for their children and a social snare that demanded surrender—shared the same experience as Sharon that takes a lifetime to resolve. More than a film about adoption and loss, we witness an important period in the history of Western women as we emerge from the fog of a time when the judgment of so many, willfully separated masses of mothers from their children.

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