Access Policy

Video Pool Access Policy

Video Pool’s services are for independent artists, producers and community groups in good membership standing with Video Pool that are engaged in the production of artist-controlled productions of social and artistic value.

Members must familiarize themselves with Video Pool’s booking and recording procedures and comply accordingly. Costs of services and supplies are subject to change without prior notice.

Eligible Projects Policy

Only independent artworks are eligible to be produced through the resources of Video Pool. Independent means that the artist initiates and is the driving force behind the proposed project. The artist must maintain complete creative and editorial control over the work, ownership of the final work, distribution rights for the work and receive a significant part of any revenues generated by the work. Video Pool also supports projects of social relevance such as community outreach projects (often in conjunction with other non-profit organizations).

In the case of a member hired to do freelance work, the client must be an artist or non-profit organization member of Video Pool and the project must be an artist-controlled production of social and / or artistic value.

 Examples of Ineligible Projects

The following types of projects are not considered independent, and are not permitted at Video Pool: Projects done on contract for, or produced by a private company, industrial or corporate projects, training projects, commercial television projects, wedding videos, commercial fashion videos, freelance projects for non-Video Pool members.

Equipment and Facilities Access

Competence: Members must demonstrate proficiency with the equipment they intend to use or must engage an experienced, Video Pool-approved operator. Members must familiarize themselves with security procedures, such as use of swipe cards, keys and security codes. If staff and/or security and police personnel are called out due to member misuse of the alarm system, the member will pay the resulting response charges.

Access to in-house facilities (editing suites, audio recording booth, production studio) is restricted to office hours until the member has demonstrated suitable proficiency and responsibility to be granted after-hours access. After hours access is up to the discretion of the Technical Department staff.


Members are entirely responsible for pickup, use and return of equipment. All bookings and rentals must be made under the name of the member who holds the copyright on the project.

Organizational members must appoint one person in the organization to be responsible for all Video Pool rentals. This person’s name will appear on the Organization’s membership card. If anyone but the designated representative will be picking up equipment or using Video Pool’s facilities, written notification must be provided by the organization.

Members using the facilities or renting equipment accept financial responsibility for loss, theft or damage. In the case of damage, Video Pool staff must be informed of the problem immediately. In the case of theft, the member must also report the incident to the police and submit an incident number to Video Pool.

Booking Limitations

Bookings on any piece of equipment are limited to a maximum of 7 days in a row, 12 days per month and 2 weekends per month. Bookings of any on-site facility are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week, excluding bookings during 12 AM to 8 AM. Special circumstances must be reviewed and approved by Tech Department staff.

Late and cancellation fees

Cancellation: An inconvenience fee equivalent to the full rental amount will be charged for cancellations with less than one day’s notice or for “no shows.” Cancellations made one full working day prior to the booking date will not be penalized.

Return: Members must return equipment by 11 AM on the day it is due. In the event of a late return, the full daily rate for equipment will be charged due immediately.

Members renting the Video Pool production studio must leave it clean after use. Materials left without prior approval will be disposed of and a cleaning fee will be charged to the member.

Payments and Accounts

Must be paid upfront: Any item or rental costing $30 or less. All tape / disc / recording media purchases.

Invoicing for payment later:  We allow members with good credit history and standing to owe up to $200 for up to 30 days after we invoice them for rental of equipment/facilities.

Until a credit history is established, or restored for members in default, members must pay in advance of or at the time of rental of equipment/facilities.

Debt and Denial of Access:

Debts over $200 and outstanding invoices more than thirty days from invoicing can mean suspension of member’s access until the debt is paid. If we incur expenses to collect outstanding debts, the member will reimburse Video Pool for those costs. In addition, equipment bookings may be denied if a member’s accounts are consistently in arrears and have become problematic.

Access Policies for AAF Members

Annual Access Fee (AAF) members must abide by all other existing member access policies. The following are additions and amendments to the Equipment Access Policy regarding the AAF.

  1. The AAF is only for individual artists engaged in the production of work that is initiated, driven and owned by the artist holding the AAF.
  2. Equipment and suite bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis for all Video Pool members, regardless of membership category.
  3. A penalty fee equivalent to the full User rental fee will be charged for late returns of equipment by an AAF Member. The Penalty fee will be charged for equipment returned late on the day it is due and for each day equipment is overdue. AAF members will not be allowed to rent equipment until the penalty fee is paid.
  4. The AAF Membership Fee must be paid in full, up front.
  5. An AAF Membership may NOT be purchased with volunteer credits.

Policy to Revoke Membership

Video Pool reserves the right to revoke a membership under the following conditions:

  1. A member has contravened Video Pool’s Anti-Discriminatory and Harassment Policy.
  2. A member has contravened Video Pool’s access policy. (Examples include but are not limited to: non-payment of invoices, misuse of equipment, late return of equipment, etc.).
  3. A member has contravened Video Pool’s Eligible projects policy.

Issues arising regarding membership suspension, revocation or reactivation must be addressed in writing to the Video Pool Board of Directors, who make final decisions in these matters.