Helga Jakobson: “Weaving Webs: The Myth of Arachne, Digital Feminism and Techno-Crafting”

The power of storytelling and the role that women play in re-worlding and oral traditions will be presented with reference to Donna Haraway and the myth of Arachne, as well as on other artists, groups and theoreticians working around these topics.

She will connect the allegory contained within the myth of Arachne, which questions the status quo and authority, into a discussion about the difficulties in having a female voice and trying to integrate within or oppose the male domination within the environment of digital technology (and from a wider perspective into the STEM fields).

Thematically, this presentation focuses on connectivity and DIY culture, while utilizing metaphors around weaving, webs and strings to connect traditional crafting and women’s work to post-digital techno-crafting.

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Sunday, November 19