Watch – Helga Jakobson – Artist Talk

With work that often incorporates detritus from her immediate environment, whether components of the natural landscape or relics from her great grandparents’ homestead, Helga Jakobson’s practice is a responsive and reflective attempt to quantify experience.

Exploring and wandering throughout rural landscapes inspires work which tends to revolve around themes of philosophy, mortality, and the human experience. Her interests are in craft aesthetic and the hand-made, and she often finds herself considering metaphysics, pseudoscience, and the role of the creative producer as responder, explorer and critical engager of the current cultural climates within which they exist.

As a natural extension of her explorations into the human experience and philosophy her practice has moved into the realm of Bio Art. Her practice is now shifting to include participant interaction, performance, natural healing treatments, scientific research, and dissemination of research.

November 26, 2014
Presented by Video Pool Media Arts Center at ace art inc.

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